It’s only been a week?

We’ve had Ike for one week today! It feels like we’ve had him forever. And yet it’s totally flying by. We can tell he’s grown already. He knows his name and comes when called. He’s doing great with his potty and crate training. I can’t wait for him to meet everyone over the holidays. I just wish he’d stay a little peanut a little longer. And yesterday he barked for the first time! Jon called me at work: “Hey- you hear that?! It’s Ike’s first bark!” Such a proud Daddy.

So…some more Ike pictures…

Fisheyed Ike.

Look at that puppy belly!!

He’s getting so big already!

Ok, that’s enough Ike bragging for today. Hope you guys aren’t getting sick of pug pup pics. I promise this won’t turn into a Pug blog. It’s just that the 1st couple of weeks with a newborn of any variety are all consuming.

Now, time to finish getting ready for Halloween tomorrow!

What is in your mouth?!

It seems like I spend a good part of every day with my fingers down Ike’s throat. He eats everything!! I vacuum the house constantly and we’re still pulling things out of his mouth. Just in the last 3 days: feather, upholstery tack, birth announcement, Morgan’s homework, toilet brush, various leaves, twigs, and mulch, lint, (lint people- who eats lint??), my hair (which he pulled from my head), and pizza. Oh, and he also likes to lick your nose. The inside of your nose.

In other news…

~I got my Blogger hoodie the other day. Thanks Blogger! It’s really cute- and good quality.

~I’m in love with the new L’oreal Glam Shine lip glosses.

~We’re so busy at work right now. Dealing with a new operating system. Between work and Ike I’m wiped out right now.

~A few weeks ago I got the cutest little “S” purse at Limited Too. Brown with light blue piping and monogram. Just the other day I won a larger, black and white version on Ebay. I’m apparently obsessed.

~I really want to try a hot rock (or hot stone) massage one day. I wonder what it’s like. Anyone out there try one? Was it just the most relaxing thing ever?

He screams like a monkey

If anyone needs practice for having kids, get a puppy. No sleep, lots of cleaning up messes. Can’t get much done. But at the end of the day when he falls asleep on your chest and you just want to stay there forever… It’s so cool.

Friday we worked on crate training and learning his name. Then Ike and I went to visit my sister Sara and nephew Jake and their dog Ally. Puppies and babies- too much cuteness! Sara made us a fabulous dinner of salmon, wild rice, asparagus, and baby bella mushrooms. Hopefully she’ll post her recipe for that salmon. Ike really held his own with Ally, but Jake sure didn’t know what to think!

Saturday I worked and Ike stayed home with dad. I got a phone call mid morning that sounded like this: “he runs around peeing all the time and if I put him in his crate he screams like a monkey oh my God I can’t get anything done and that stupid book said if he walks in a circle he’s ready to poop but that’s all he does is walks in circles and he peed on the bed so I just put him in the bathtub and now he’s screaming like a monkey again!”. Heh heh.

After work I took Ike to Petsmart to get his ID tag and some presents for the kitties since they’ve been so good and haven’t hissed or scratched at him once. We walked in and right away spotted another girl with an 8 week old girl pug named Rosie. Ike was instantly smitten. He was a hit at the store. Everyone was coming up and grabbing him to hold him. He will certainly be well socialized.

Mom and Hale came over that night so Hale could meet Ike. We ordered a pizza and rented a movie (View From the Top- vaguely cute, rather disappointing). While I was out picking up the movie Mom was babysitting. I came home to a rather large pee spot on our new sofa. Thank goodness Ikea’s cushion slipcovers come off! After a wash in the washing machine it’s good as new.

Sunday Ike attended his first cocktail party. My ladies from work got together for cocktails and appetizers. Ike was quite the charmer until he projectile pooped all over the hostess’s daughter’s dresser and floor. I should just carry carpet cleaner in my purse!

When we got home my in-laws were visiting so Jon’s dad could meet Ike and we could have dinner. Of course he fell in love with him. Morgan came over too, and her dad stopped by, then Mom came to pick up Morgan- so now the whole family’s met little Ike. I’m having a hard time taking all the pictures I’d like. I keep forgetting to pull out the camera. I did manage to get a few shots from the weekend though. You can view them here.

Baby steps

Jon had the day off yesterday so he finished the touch up painting in the formal living room and took down the old curtains. I’ll post ‘after’ pics after we put up the new ones. He also moved the rest of the office boxes up to the office and organized things a bit in the living room/dining room. We’re getting there. Slowly but surely.

This has been a busy week so far with lots of training at work on a new operating system. Not much left in the brain after work for bloggy, crafty, fun stuff. Although I did get my Christmas card address labels printed and put on the envelopes. Baby steps. Hope everyone’s having a great week!