Another Crazy Birth Story

Remember when I made those baby blankets? Both babies have since been born. Casey was born 9/17 and little Xavier was born 9/25. Xavier’s the one with the big story though. His dad, Ed, works with me. His mom is finishing up school in a town about an hour and a half away from here. Xavier is their first baby. So she goes into labor and they decide to try and make it to the other town so she can be treated by the doctor she’s familiar with. They realize they aren’t going to make it so Ed flashes his lights at a cop and gets a police escort to the hospital. Once they get there they realize the head is coming out so there’s no time to get her inside. They had their first child in the front seat of a Hyundai in the parking lot of the hospital with their dog in the backseat!! People, if you don’t click here to read this story I can promise you’ll be sorry! What a story to tell your child! And how about when he brings home his first girlfriend? Well you see, little Xman here was born in a car… And what I’m really wondering now is…what did they do with the car? Ooh, he just came in for the day. I’m off to get the scoop!

In the Bedroom

We’ve been working on painting our bedroom. Luckily there were no stencils there, just lots of white walls that needed freshening up. First we painted the entire room a pale, pale, lavender called Ice Violet. We painted the sitting area a darker shade of the same color so it would stand out: bed sitting area. Since we don’t have a headboard on our bed (Jon’s 6’4″ so most headboard/footboards combos are too short for him so we just skip them all together) we decided to paint an accent wall. We decided on a harlequin pattern to jazz up the room a bit, plus we like the French flair of it. Jon cut a template from cardboard and measured out the diamonds. I taped each diamond we wouldn’t be painting (since we already had the lighter color on): taping off. I painted the outer edges with a small (tiny, really) brush to keep the lines straight, and Jon painted the centers of each diamond. We have to give it another coat and touch up a little, but here it is so far: bedroom in progress. My mom likes it but said it looks a little Alice in Wonderland, but we’re kinda digging it. What do you think?

Blue Bath

The bathroom is finished! Well, the painting at least. We’re replacing the mirror and putting in a shelving/organizer thingy to hold towels etc, and we have to install blinds (to put an end to my neighbor’s free peep show every morning), and I want to post pics of the new and old light fixtures but I have to take pics of the new ones yet, but I thought I’d at least post the color.

bath before

bath after

Very soothing color. It goes well with the floor. Of course now that the walls are painted I want to paint the vanity as well to brighten that up, and I want a larger shower, etc. We’ll never be finished. We have sooo many projects lined up we won’t have free time til 2012!! =)

Dining in Style!

The dining room is finished! So excited- I really love the way it came out. So smooth, so elegant. It really looks like a formal dining room now. It makes the new chandelier pop and I love the way the Elderberry color is so sharp against the white crown moldings and chair rail.

Before:Too busy!- this picture was taken before we moved in so this is the previous owner’s furniture/drapes etc.

Close up before: I think we all remember this lovely faux painting.

After: Love how the chandelier stands out now. This one show’s the color the best: Elderberry. We can’t wait to have dinner in here! Now we just need to put together our new buffet, hang some art & curtains, and oh yeah, buy a dining room table and chairs! Those may come in handy at dinner time.

No More Nakey Sofa!

We’re home! We had so much fun! We had dinner with Rachel & Brian and Lisa & Greg last night then went back to Lisa’s to hang out. So much fun chatting and taking pictures. They all need to just move here because we all have so much fun together. They could move into our neighborhood and we could have cook outs. And I know those girls would love living in Tammy Faye’s old neck of the woods!

Jon and I shopped Ikea Tuesday during the day and this morning before heading home. Our car was packed! Not a comfy ride home for 8 hours! We got home around 9:30 or so and unloaded the car but the only thing we had energy to put together was covering the sofa. Before: Ew! After: Wow! (Love the fun party pillows!)

Tomorrow we need to work on finishing up all of our painting so we can put together our new stuff!

Status check Things always seem to take longer th…

Status check

Things always seem to take longer than you think they will. My job was to cut in & paint around the trim. Jon was in charge of the roller. I’ve got the kitchen, dining room, and most of the formal living room trimmed out. Those bleeping stencils caused us a ton of time. Jon had to cover them with 2 coats of primer before we could paint them. Here’s some of what we had to cover: this stuff covered the entire dining room in the living room: . Here’s Jon hard at work: . “After” pictures to come!

Tomorrow we’re off to Baltimore for a mini-holiday! We’ll be resuming our painting upon return.

Progress Day 2 of Fall Vacation: The master bath…


Day 2 of Fall Vacation:

The master bathroom is finished, the kitchen is trimmed out, and the master bedroom is almost complete. We had to let the accent wall cure before we can add the harlequin pattern to it today. The master bath was white to begin with, now it’s Atmosphere Blue. It’s a Restoration Hardware color. Here’s a tip- go to the high end paint supplier, pick your paint color, and take your chip to Lowe’s where they mix it for you at a much lower price!

Today Jon’s going to be priming over all of the millions of stencils and stamps and sponge painting as well as patching all the millions of holes left by our previous owner’s millions of shelves. I’ll be finishing the kitchen (Butter Cream), and then moving on to the dining room (Elderberry). I’ll post pictures tonight!