Disney Fantasy Bermuda Day 9 & Debarkation

Today is Castaway Cay day!!!

Today’s forecast was beautiful and we were on Disney’s private island so what could be better?!?

Beautiful mosaic in Cabanas

We had a surprise excursion booked for 9 am on the island so we woke up early and ate breakfast at Cabanas buffet. Then we debarked and took the tram to the stingray hut. Today we’re feeding and swimming with stingrays! This was another birthday surprise for MIL as she’s never interacted with stingrays before!

First we had a short briefing about stingrays (Disney stingrays have their barbs trimmed). Then we all split up into groups of about 10 each and went into the water. There were these floating platforms with a trainer in the middle of each one. We stood on the other side of the platform and the trainer gave us food (shrimp or a gelatinous vitamin blob). We were instructed to then place our hands (with the food) on the Mickey ears on the platform and the stingrays would come and take the food from us. This is the stingray named Kelly.

We were able to feed 3 times (Kelly came for seconds), then we had about 45 minutes to swim & snorkel with the rays in the lagoon. CSP had never snorkeled before but he got the hang of it quickly!

The dark blobs are the stingrays

I had my phone in a waterproof case around my neck but I couldn’t get it to take pictures underwater. My snorkel mask kept fogging up etc. Whomp whomp.

MIL watching from the shallows

After our snorkel time was up we grabbed our stuff and made our way toward the Family Beach area. On the way we saw Mickey!

Mickey and Pluto rode off in their spiffy beach cruiser!

Toward the entrance of the family beach is a gift shop and some drink kiosks.

MIL met someone else from Minnesota (CSP & his parents are originally from MN) in the gift shop so she was in there a while! We stopped and bought a 6 pack of water then went to find some chairs and umbrella shade.

LOOK at what a beautiful day it was!!!

As you can see we’re in the 3rd or 4th row from the water. That’s what happens when you have an excursion first thing in the morning instead of joining the throng of people racing to snag chairs on the beach. But it was perfect for us! We relaxed and read until we got hungry for lunch. Lunch was served at Cookies 2 BBQ on the island. There’s a giant pavilion that was just steps away from our beach chairs.

After lunch we relaxed a bit more then CSP and I decided to go back to the ship to nap. The sun and water can really wipe you out!

Spotted Olaf!

We took the tram back and got some good shots of the ship and island.

One of the magic pictures on the Fantasy. When you stand in front of it, it comes to life and there’s animation.

When we got back to our room we had our luggage tags. You attach them to your luggage and then when you disembark you go to the Minnie section to find your luggage. V organized. I filled the tags out for all of us then CSP & I took a nap. We woke up and by now MIL was back with us so we packed up all of our stuff. SO SAD!!! It’s the saddest activity!!! Then we showered and got ready for our last dinner of the cruise.

Tonight’s dinner was back in Animator’s Palate.

We were given the opportunity to draw characters that they animated and displayed on the nearby screens.

I drew the 2nd guy from the left and the last guy on the right. CSP always gets me to draw his.
Sher-Ann our server. She is so great!!!
Sher-Ann (our server) with our new friends Gabby & baby Jamie
How did I not notice the lights in the floor until tonight?!?

After dinner we went back to our room and got ready for bed. Our last towel animal was v fitting for the day!

Note the paper on the stingray. That’s a guest survey that they ask you to fill out and drop off in the designated boxes on your way off the ship. DCL takes these surveys seriously so please fill them out and recognize the cast members and crew who made your trip magical!

The next morning we took our final picture on the Fantasy (for this trip)!

Elevator selfie!

We dropped our borrowed extension cord off at the Guest Services desk, dropped off our survey, and grabbed a quick breakfast in Cabanas. We listened for them to call for all the people with Minnie tags and we went and gathered our luggage. CSP found a v nice porter who helped us get all of our stuff out to the parking garage. Customs was a breeze and then we were out! We were off the ship v quickly. MIL & I waited on the ground level while CSP retrieved the car.

And that’s the end of a wonderful, family cruise!!! Next up for me & CSP- we’ll be back on the Fantasy in January 2024 for a Western Caribbean Pixar Day at Sea cruise!!!

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