Disney Fantasy Bermuda Day 4

This morning we threw on some clothes and had breakfast at Royal Court. Then we went back to our room to change into our swim suits. We filled up our reusable cups and went up to deck 13 to Satellite Falls– our favorite spot on the Disney Fantasy!!! We found 3 chairs under the shade and hopped into Satellite Falls. Satellite Falls has a rain feature that you step through then you sit on the tiled lounger middle part while the water rains down on your feet. It’s so relaxing. Plus you get great views of the water.

The water is only a couple feet deep. You can also sit on the edge with your feet in the water if you don’t want to get wet all over. I was able to take pictures in the water with my iPhone because I bought this waterproof case. Works great!!!

At around 2 we went down to deck 11 to the quick counter service restaurants, Flo’s Cafe and had a nice lite lunch.

After lunch CSP & I went back to the room for a little nap. The sun and water drains me!

After our nap we went back up to the pool decks so CSP & MIL could ride the AquaDuck! They loved it so much they rode 3 times!!!

It was then time to get my soaked MIL & CSP dried off and all of us changed for dinner. Tonight’s dinner was at Royal Court.

I forgot to take pics of the food but tonight we had a wonderful dinner. CSP had the escargot app. I had the baked brie. For dessert I had the Grand Marnier souffle- soooo good!!!

I love the bread baskets in the Royal Court.

After dinner when we were walking back to our room we came upon Tiana all alone! My favorite princess! So of course I had to get my photo with her!

Tonight’s towel/blanket animal:

Tonight we went to bed early because we have an early day tomorrow- our first day in Bermuda!!!

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