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Carnival Horizon Southern Caribbean Day 2

We slept in late today because we were both exhausted from traveling. We went to brunch at the Meridian restaurant where we were seated at a table for 2 that was V close to another table for 2. There was a couple at that table and the man turned to us and said “Since they basically seated us all at the same table, I’m Wayne.” He and his wife Jennifer are from Texas and are v nice people!

After brunch we went back to the room to get ready for the day, then up to Guest Services to tell them about our ruined suitcase. The line was much more manageable today and Guest Services was super nice about the whole thing. I showed them the pictures of the suitcase and CSP asked for duct tape. They said they didn’t have duct tape but instead would replace the suitcase! We were not expecting that!

We then stopped by the deli on deck 10 for sandwiches then down to my father & Mimi’s room to pick up a pair of pants for CSP. CSP refused to pack pants! Punk! And there are 2, count em, 2 dress up nights for dinner on this cruise! And I ALWAYS dress for dinner! Next time I’m auditing his suitcase! We visited with my parents for a bit then went back up to our room for showers and to get ready for formal night. While we were getting ready, Guest Services called, then they sent a nice lady up to our room with a replacement suitcase for us. Such good service!!! They even took the broken one away.

After last night’s dinner debacle, my parents changed our dining schedule from any time dining to early dinner at 6 pm. So tonight’s dinner was in the Reflections restaurant on deck 3. CSP had barramundi and I had jumbo shrimp. Below: the only 2 pictures I took all day long! I can’t believe I only took 2 photos ALL DAY!!!

CSP & my father
Me & Mimi

After dinner we stopped by Guest Services AGAIN (we need frequent flyer cards for guest services at this point) to dispute a charge from a bar at 10 am this morning, when we were still asleep! They were v nice about it and removed the charge no problem! Back to the room where we read for a while then went to bed.

Tomorrow: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic!

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