Bachelor Week 2

BBs it is week 2 and that means it’s time for the dates to start! First we have a group date. Latto (a singer ) hosts the date, which is all about Bad Bitch Energy. Okay. There’s dancing and then Victoria, Tahzjuan, and Courtney (who??) from past seasons of the Bachelor arrive to judge the girls on their bad bitchiness. The girls have to bust through these doors and walk down a catwalk to Zach. Basically it’s a bunch of clothed strip teases. Then the ladies have to tell everyone about a time when they were a bad bitch. But we don’t get to hear an entire story, so who knows who’s really a bad bitch?!?

At the after party, Brianna is crying literal tears about wanting validation from Z. Which I get, but it’s just week 2, no need for tears yet! She and Z kiss. Tahzjuan appears and crashes the group date. She asks Z if she can join the group. He says he has to think about it. While he’s thinking, the other girls ask Tahz what she’s doing there. T says the other girls were “painful to watch today”. OMG so mean!! Z sits down with the ladies and tells them that T will NOT be joining them. Yay!!! Katherine gets the group date rose.

1-1 with Christina

Christina and Z take a helicopter to his childhood home. There is a bbq going on for Z’s Mom’s birthday. Christina meets a ton of Z’s family. She’s v confident. That night over Fake Dinner Christina tells Z she has a 6 year old daughter named Blakely. Z starts getting emotional talking about speeding up the plan and becoming an instant father. But he gives her the rose.

Group Date 2

For a second I thought I’d died of boredom or slipped into a coma and missed this group date activity! But no, there really isn’t one! It’s just Z & the girls chatting individually. Which is good for them, but yawn! The entire night Gabi is freaking out about why didn’t he kiss me? Jess gets the group date rose.

Cocktail Party

Brianna is spiraling again, but this time it’s about Christina. Frankly I think Christina has a major unfair advantage since she’s “semi famous”. Anyway, Bri is upset that Christina was able to meet Z’s fam and that Christina told Bri on night one that she hated her, but JK. You gotta have much thicker skin than this to survive being on this show Bri!!! Bri sits down with Z and almost tattles on Christina but Z is not here for that! Then Z tells Bri she’s v strict and serious. Have some fun Bri!!!

Rose Ceremony

Bri gets last rose. Going home: Cat, Victoria (who?), and Kimberly

Until next week my BBs!!! 🌹xo