Disney Wonder Western Caribbean Day 7

Sea Day!!! We slept in a little then got ready for brunch at Palo!  IMG_0653.jpgMladen was our server again.


We had a fabulous view for brunch and an even better meal. You start with a fun cocktail.  CSP chose a mimosa and I got a bellini.  IMG_0655.jpg

Brunch is a buffet set up in stations. Seafood, antipasti, cheese & bread, pastries, desserts.  Also you order from the menu.  They have EVERYTHING you could think of from benedicts to pizzas to the best chicken parmesan I’ve ever had.


While we were there this poor woman was at the dessert table and dropped a glass full of a fruit/champagne jello dessert.  I saw the whole thing and it was like in a movie- slow motion!  The glass fell onto another plate of desserts then flipped over flinging fruit everywhere.  Then it hit ANOTHER plate of desserts, spun again and finally hit the floor.  Glass and desserts and fruit everywhere! They basically had to shut down the dessert station for a half hour while they restocked everything.  She was mortified, poor thing! IMG_0658.jpg

Pictured above is CSP’s dessert plate.  Look at those cute °O° chocolates!!!  When I went to get my dessert they were out of chocolate dipped strawberries.  Mladen found out and brought some to me! IMG_0659.jpg

After brunch we somehow made it back to our room without requiring assistance!  IMG_0660.jpgWe both took a nice nap.  We woke up and discovered there were no available chairs in the shade by the pool, so we decided to enjoy our verandah.  I’m v fair skinned and can’t be in the sun but for a minute without burning to a crisp.  Also I’m currently doing a psoriasis drug study and am not allowed to get a sunburn.  So that’s why being in the shade is such a huge deal.  We read our books, chatted, listened to the grandma next door curse, and watched the sun go down.


It was lovely!

Next thing we knew it was time to get ready for dinner.  Tonight was semi- formal night and dinner was back at Animator’s Palate.


Tonight was drawing night! Everyone gets a big piece of paper with the form of a character on it.  You also get a magic marker and use that marker to draw your own character.  Then Disney animates the characters on screen with music and effects.  Your character twists and turns and walks etc! So fun!


CSP’s is the green guy with SKOL shirt and my girl is green and blue girl with the star shirt.  CSP’s green marker worked way better than my blue marker so I ended up two toned!  You sign your work so then your name appears as an artist credit on the screen.  It’s v cute!  Kwan, our assistant server gave me an origami flower she made.  So sweet!!! IMG_0681.jpg


After dinner we went back to the room to change into our swim suits and went up to the pool for some late night swimming.


Then it was time for bed!IMG_0683.jpg

Tomorrow- Castaway Cay and our 17th wedding anniversary!!!

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