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Disney Fantasy Eastern Caribbean Day 3

Today was a sea day so CSP & I slept in a bit. We had breakfast at Royal CourtUntitled then went to the Tube for the Castaway Club Gold & Platinum reception.  This was our first time attending the reception. They said they sent out about 400 invitations, and about 100 or so people attended.  Darren, the cruise director spokeUntitled and then came around and spent some time with each table.  Captain Thor spoke as well.  You could have your picture taken with each of them.  No, Captain Thor did not carry a hammer, much to CSP’s disappointment.  Wait staff passed around drinks, hors d’oeuvres, fruit and cookies.  CSP downed 4 mimosas! He said next year we’re getting there early for the drinks!  Mind you this was 10:30 in the morning!  Ha! There was a special guest at the reception- Minnie Mouse! Do you know how special it is to be able to walk right up to a character for a photo without a long line?? Untitled It was awesome!  And she was too cute too- I’m so used to giving hugs with a kiss on the cheek and she “kissed” me back, complete with smoochy noises!

After the reception CSP & I did a little shopping at the gifts shops on board. We drooled over BB8 then picked up our magnet (we get a dated Disney Cruise Line magnet each year),  a Stitch pin for my lanyard, a sparkly Ariel shirt for Ellen’s birthday tomorrow, and a cute anchor shirt for MOM of CSP for taking care of the pugs and the house while we’re gone.

We went back to the room to drop off our goodies and met up with the Family (Amy, Kevin, Ellen & Colin).  They needed lunch too so we all went off to Royal Court for lunch. We went back to the room afterward to find the stateroom host had opened and linked our balconies together to make one huge balcony!  CSP started watching Thor 2 for a little while on demand (so cool, you can start and stop movies by bookmarking them).

Next it was time for our first Mixology class! We went to the Skyline Lounge and for the next hour or so we learned about making fun drinks from Ashley the bartenderUntitled.Untitled Kevin even got in on the action! UntitledWe had 5 drinks: a champagne drinkUntitled, a mojitoUntitled, a rum drinkUntitled, a chocolate martiniUntitled, and a shot called the Big Elephant.Untitled Forgive me for not knowing all the drink names.  They can’t print off recipes for us anymore and I had both mine and CSP’s chocolate martinis and shots! I was lucky I remembered how to get back to our room!

After Mixology CSP wanted a coffee so we went to the Cove Cafe in the adults only section on the pool deck.Untitled CSP asked for a 4 shot cafe latte.  The barista could not believe CSP actually wanted 4 shots of espresso in his latte!  We were walking around and realized that all of deck 11 ( the pool deck) was deserted because of early dinner (our dinner is at 8:15).  I mean, NO ONE around.  Perfect time to ride the AquaDuck!  So we ran down to the room and CSP got changed, then we ran back up to the entrance of the AquaDuck.  They wouldn’t let him ride!!!  They said he needed a partner and there was no one around to ride with him.  I couldn’t do it because of my vertigo + mixology = I was already dizzy!  So we went back to the room to get ready for Formal Night and dinner.

Everyone looked so lovely for formal night! We saw Daisy Duck on the way to dinner in her sparkly dress! Untitled I love her little tail sticking out!Untitled Some people really go all out with floor length gowns and tuxedos!  Disney sets up backdrops all over the main atrium for professional photographs.  So we had some taken before dinner, but we totally forgot about them the rest of the week so we never saw them! Who knows if they even turned out! Doh! Untitled We were back in Royal Court for dinner, which is a gorgeous restaurant. Dinner was a French theme tonight so CSP was happy with his escargot!Untitled

When we got back to our room after dinner there was a little sign to set our clocks forward an hour upon retiring for the evening. Untitled Plus a cool dinosaur!

Next up….Day 4- Sea Day and Ellen’s birthday!!!

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Disney Fantasy Eastern Caribbean Day 2

We woke up, gathered our things and hit the road for Port Canaveral!  It takes about an hour to get from Orlando to the port.  Not too bad!  We ate a light breakfast on the road.  We got to the port, turned our luggage and case of water over to the porters, and went upstairs in the terminal to check in.  Check in was quick and painless and we were given our very first set of GOLD lanyards!Untitled  This is our 6th Disney cruise (my 14th cruise total) and that makes us Gold Castaway Club Members!  Fun! We waited in the terminal for a bit then they started letting us board, but first we stopped for our Welcome Aboard photo. 12744512_10205847478927032_5660106759497203172_n Note our custom shirts! Untitled We were announced Untitled then we went to deck 2 to the Enchanted Garden restaurant for lunch. We were a little early so there was some waiting around for the restaurant to open. We took our time with lunch (CSP loves the shrimp and crab claws so much)  and next thing we knew it was time to go to our room to drop off our carry on bags! Untitled//  We have room 5546 on Deck 5 with the extended veranda.Untitled//  Upon entering our room we noticed our Castaway Club gift! Untitled// A gold (yellow) tote bag and a really nice photo album! We also noticed our Bon Voyage decorations! Amy & family surprised us by decorating our room! Untitled// freshened up a bit and dropped off our carry on bags (and unpacked them).  Then it was time to head to the Tube for the Facebook group Meet & Greet!Untitled// Every cruise has a Facebook group. It just so happened that I was an admin for our group, along with Amy, and a third person.  Our group was big! Over 150 people.  The point of the group is to share advice and answer questions for newbies and just get excited about the cruise!  Plus Amy organized Mixology classes (more on that later) and the Fish Extender Gift Exchange.  It’s a lot of fun!  Now, let me quickly reintroduce Amy & Kevin & family.  We all met on the Disney Magic in February 2015 and became fast friends. They came to visit in June 2015 and in October 2015 Amy, Kevin, CSP & I all went on a 4 night cruise.  They live in Ohio.  Ok, so we’re caught up, back to the story!  At the meet and greet lots of our members came for a big group photo and to meet each other.  It was a lot of fun.  One member, Ray, was so nice- he called us admins up to the front of the room and presented us with Disney pins for our work! Untitled// How sweet!!! The hour went by quickly then it was time for the lifeboat/muster drill.  Praise the Lord our muster station was the Walt Disney Theatre!  No standing in the hot sun for a half hour!  After the drill we went back to our room where our luggage was waiting for us.Untitled// So we unpacked and made final phone/facetime calls to our family as we sailed away!Untitled// switched our phones to Airplane mode and we were all set to text each other via Disney’s Cruise app.Untitled//  CSP quickly discovered the on demand menu and watched Pixels while I got ready for dinner. Dinner tonight was back in Enchanted Garden.  I didn’t take pictures of our food this go round but I did take screen shots of the menu for one night so you can see some of the offerings. Untitled// The menus are varied and all the food is fantastic!   At dinner poor Ellen (age almost 9 today) fell asleep with her mouth open. Untitled// They gave us hummus with our bread tonight so Amy put some in Ellen’s mouth. OMG!- her face when she woke up and tasted something awful (to her) in her mouth!  HILARIOUS!  Fun with kids!  After dinner we went back to our rooms for bed and found the first towel animal.Untitled//  Let me tell you, our room steward totally set the bar for towel animals! Untitled// He’s a pro!  Just wait till you see what he created this week!

Next up…Day 3- at sea!

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Disney Fantasy Eastern Caribbean Day 1

Today we drove down to Orlando.  Well, I drove while CSP slept! He looked so funny in his get up.  He had his neck pillow, his sunglasses, and headphones all on at once along with his neck gaiter pulled up over his eyes to block out the sun. Untitled
The drive was pretty uneventful except when we ran into a bunch of traffic because of 3 car fires and a semi truck fire! Why were all these vehicles on fire?? It wasn’t even hot out! Weird.
We got to Orlando about 5pm and pulled into Old Key West Resort at Disney where Amy, Kevin, Ellen, & Colin were waiting for us! It’s a beautiful resort. We got settled in quickly. Untitled Then it was time for dinner at ‘Ohana! Untitled We had a wonderful dinner and even got to see the electric water parade! Untitled Back to the resort for bed! Big day tomorrow as we head to the port!


Humidify Me

I received a Honeywell Console Humidifier free from for testing purposes.  All opinions are my own.  This thing is HUGE! It holds 3 gallons of water!  But being big is NOT a problem.  It’s totally lightweight and super easy to move around if necessary. We have it on a little side table in the master bedroom now and we have noticed a huge difference in our skin since using it.  When we got it CSP had a split lip from the dry air. Within a week his lip healed and it hasn’t split since!  And as for my skin…when I wake up now my skin still feels as moisturized as it does when I apply my night cream the night before! And they say a humidifier is good for your furniture too.  CSP has taken to the thing as well.  He is the one who’s in charge of filling the tanks.  And since the tanks are so large he doesn’t have to fill them every night. So it works AND it’s convenient!  And it has a setting where it determines the humidity level in the room so it only runs when it needs to.  Love that! My mom has always been a big proponent of humidifiers but I never saw what the big deal was until now.  Way to go Mom!