Lighting up Christmas

When I was a kid my grandparents would take my sister and I around the neighborhoods and we’d look at all the Christmas lights while staying comfy, cozy in the car.  I loved that tradition and CSP & I have continued it.  The other night we took Zoe to Starbucks, bought hot chocolate, and then toured around looking at all the lights.  Zoe loved it!  She was fascinated by the lights!  IMG_6185  There are so many houses that really do it up! IMG_6186  Next year I’ll take my big camera and get some really good pics.  These just don’t do these displays justice.

The Charlotte Observer had an article in the paper on December 12th that listed all of the best displays by county so I made my list based off that.  We were so impressed, especially by displays synced up with music on the radio! is a very impressive display.  We finished our night at our favorite display:  FullSizeRender-7  Talk about bright!  And we were parked at the top of the hill!  Something else that impressed us is that most of the displays collect donations for various charities!  Hopefully next year we’ll have our kidlet to take with us!

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