Small town entertainment

We live in a very small suburb of Charlotte.  Since I’ve gotten into couponing I go to the CVS down the street every Sunday evening for my weekly coupon trip.  Well, there’s apparently not much else going on at that CVS because every week the girls who work there call out to each other when I’m ready to check out.  “She’s ready!  Get up here!”  Then a small crowd forms to watch to see how much I pay out of pocket for my goods.  They all know me by sight now and all ask where is CSP if he’s not with me.  Then they guess how much I’ll save when they are ringing me up.  It’s starting to feel like a behind the shed dice game or something!  It’s a lot of pressure now to save a whole lot since their entertainment is riding on it as well as my budget!  Sunday is coming…wish me luck!  By the way, the good pictured at right were $106.06 but I paid $26.

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