Slow Boy

CSP & I were doing some shopping the other day when I spotted this little guy.  LOVE him!Slow boy!  Slow Boy’s job is to help people slow down in your neighborhood when your kids are out playing but I just want him cause he’s super cute!  Check out his jaunty cap!  He holds his safety flag with such pride!   Ooh, AND he glows in the dark!  We spotted 2 slow boys glowing on the side of the road the other night.  I’d just put him in the corner of the living room.  A permanent, cheery little night light!

1 thought on “Slow Boy”

  1. true story.

    caitlin and I are in the car and she sees a “slow children at play” sign and says

    “Mommy, isnt that nice they put up a sign so those slow children wont get hit?”

    If Im lyin’ Im dyin’


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