You should be beaten for my entertainment!?!

You may not know this, but if you go to a circus that features animals, namely Ringling Brothers among others, then you support animal abuse with the money you use to pay for a ticket.  So many people seem to think that it’s PETA getting all worked up.  But just Google “circus animal abuse” and you’ll see videos from tons of people that aren’t PETA.  If you feel like “I’m just one person, if I go to the circus it doesn’t matter” then YOU ARE WRONG.  Because if you stop taking your kids/family/self to the circus and you tell even ONE other person why then you’ve planted a seed.  That person may Google circus animal abuse and educate themselves on the horrors of animal circuses.  Then they may tell someone.  And eventually, hopefully, people won’t rely on hateful animal circuses for family entertainment.

“But it’s fun for my kids!”  Take them to a movie.  Or to a zoo that specializes in conservation and species protection.  I mean, when you take your kids to an animal circus what are they learning?  It’s ok to whip animals for our amusement?  Because they whip the animals right there in front of you, and they do way worse backstage.   There are a million other things you can do with your kids that won’t cause the suffering of innocent animals.   If you want your kids to learn about elephants- gently, intelligent, amazing elephants, there are so many better way to teach them.

If you just can’t live without the circus, then choose an animal free circus.  There are plenty out there.

Please, go to these websites and read for yourself.  Look at the videos.  It will break your heart.  And then please think twice next time the circus comes to town.