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People have been asking what are our next steps in our adoption.

  • More social worker visits
  • Fire department inspection of the house
  • Couple of things we have to do to the house before the fire department can come out.  Like buy and hang HUGE fire extinguisher.
  • CPR class at the end of March
  • MOUNTAIN of paperwork.  I didn’t think we could possibly have more paperwork than we’ve already completed but no.  There’s more.  So, so much more.
  • Fingerprinting
  • Background checks
  • Wait

The waiting will be the hardest.  Our social worker told us that we can go ahead and start looking at the children that are available for adoption.  There are online photo listings.  You can look too.

Here.  Here.  And here.   Warning: this will break your heart.  It makes you wish you could adopt them all.  But hey, who knows, maybe one of you will see a child that will touch your heart and you’ll be on your way to adopting too!

6 thoughts on “Next steps”

  1. How *do* you pick? So many kids. It’s a bit crazy that you have to go through so many hoops to become a foster or adoptive parents but just need 1 night of “oops” to become a bio parent. Wishing you guys the best of luck and a short, short wait!!


  2. This is all so crazy! I should be required to do all this to parent my biological kids but of course I’m not. It sounds like it’s going well and I’m so happy for you guys!!


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