Love getting something for nothing!

So, you know those Valentine’s I told you about for 10 cents each?  Well, while CSP helped me wrangle the pugs (green beans for treats helped!) we had a little Valentine’s photo shoot.  Then I chose the best shot, uploaded it to See Here and ordered my free cards.  I chose the 2 day shipping for like $6 I think because I wanted to make sure that they get here in time so I can get them out in time (we have 2 relatives in Minnesota so I need a good 5 days).  $6 for 25 photo cards isn’t bad if you ask me!  Well, they shipped them that night!  I started my shopping at Ebates like I usually do, even though I knew I was getting the cards for free so I didn’t expect any money back.  Imagine my delight though when I found out that See Here deposited $1.47 into my account at Ebates!  Woot!  So now my cards were only $4.50!  Nice!