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My family keeps hospitals in business

I received a call early this afternoon from Gigi who told me that Momo was in the ER.  Momo woke up at 2 am this morning with sharp pains in her abdomen.  She went to the local urgent care around 9 am.  They took some blood, checked her out and promptly sent her to the hospital.  Papa & Gigi were coming down the mountain and were still over 2 hours away.  I didn’t want Momo to be scared at the hospital by herself so I scooted down to be with her as fast as I could.  Momo’s friend J brought her to the hospital.  She was being a total trooper. IMG_1015 They did a CT scan with contrast and discovered that Momo had appendicitis. Within 15 minutes of the announcement that she was to have surgery she was wheeled into the OR. Morgan in pre-op before her appendectomy. Poor Momo was so nervous as she’d never been admitted to the hospital before or had surgery. The surgeon came out after the surgery and showed us the pictures of her innards. You know I loved that part! While he was in there he discovered a hernia! I was so shocked. When I think of hernias, which is every day, I think of old men trying to lug big boxes or move pianos or something. I certainly don’t think of 20 year old girls! The surgeon said it’s actually pretty common for young people to have hernias. Who knew? Momo did great in surgery and came through recovery like a champ. Within just a few hours she was ready to take a stroll up and down the hall. Momo on her first walk down the hall post op I left the hospital at about 9:30 pm. Momo had just gotten her first round of pain meds and some jello. She’ll get to go home tomorrow afternoon if all goes well! What a day!

6 thoughts on “My family keeps hospitals in business”

  1. I take it she was OK with the picture taking until the last one. 🙂 Glad the surgery went well and I hope they did it laproscopically. They didn’t have that procedure when I had mine out and I have a nice 3″ scar on my belly. I wish her a speedy recovery!


  2. I agree with the other commenters…she looks so good even in pain. I’m glad they caught it early on and it didn’t get worse.


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