I can’t believe I forgot the belly shots!

No, not those belly shots.  I forgot to tell you about the belly shots they gave me every day in the hospital last month.  In order to prevent blood clots they gave me a shot every day.  In the belly.  Not fun.  By the time I left the hospital I looked like some sort of junkie!  Well, if junkies shoot up in their bellies.  Not sure where they shoot up anymore.  Man, I had so many needles in me I swear I don’t see how people could be a shoot up junkie!  Needles hurt!

I also forgot to tell you about the ice pack.  One of the places they took blood was from the inside of my wrist.  Man did that hurt.  I’ve had a TON of blood taken and have never shed a tear, til then.   It burned.  Like a hot poker burn.  So my nurse made me an ice pack.  Well then I had to be wheeled down for a CT scan.  Every hospital worker I came in contact with during my CT scan outing commented on my ice pack.  No one mentioned my IV pole or my bruises or asked why was I in the hospital in the first place.  But they ALL wanted to know what was up with the ice pack.  Really?  Cracked me up.