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Spring birthdays and holidays

Gorgeous flowers at Easter dinner. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! We sure did! Friday was Momo’s 20th birthday so on Saturday we went out to a late lunch/early dinner then to a movie. Then Sunday we went to our aunt & uncle’s house for Easter lunch with them and CSP’s parents. We didn’t end up leaving until 9pm! Long, busy weekend, but lots of laughs and it’s always great to spend time with the fam! Aunt Marsha made the best cupcakes EVER. Coconut milk in the cake batter AND in the icing. Then coconut on top. Yuuuummmm. Best coconut cupcakes EVAH! Made by our Aunt Marsha. Enjoyed by me & CSP. This is the really busy time for birthdays in our family. Within a 2 week period we have like 5 birthdays. Last weekend we had Jacob’s 7th birthday party. CSP was in charge of the sack race and I did face painting. Of course that means I totally forgot to take pictures. Sigh. I need to just install a camera on my forehead!