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Father’s Day part 2

Today I went down to Papa & Gigi’s to celebrate Father’s Day.  Momo, Sara & the boys were there too.  I gave Papa his annual photo book.  Papa loved his Father's Day book!This gift is always a hit and always brings a tear to his eye. He loved it. I make one every year on my Mac, compiling my favorite pics of the family over the previous year. We looked at the book and had lunch. Then Momo had to go to work.
The rest of us went to go visit Gmommy at the nursing home. Zoe came with and was a big hit again. Gmommy just loves Zoe Gmommy just loves her. Calls Zoe her baby. So sweet! Gmommy’s new boyfriend Jerome stopped by her room while we were there. It was very cute. Gmommy & her boyfriend Jerome Jerome liked Zoe too. Zoe getting some love from JeromeZoe getting some love from Jerome At one point Jerome straightened his collar and announced “Well, if we’re going to be eating out tonight we’d better get going.” He took Gmommy by the hand and the took off for the dining area. So cute!  It gave us an easy escape too!  We time our visits with meal times so when we leave Gmommy won’t get upset.  Well with Jerome hanging around now, she’s all smiles!

We all went back to Papa & Gigi’s for swimming until it was time to go home.  We had a big time in the pool with Jacob & Joey.  Too bad my camera’s not waterproof!

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  1. Awww…what a sweet story about Jerome being such a gentleman! 🙂 Brings a tear to my eye, it does.

    And I love the photo of Zoe in your Gmommy’s arms like a baby. I try to do that to baby girl all the time but she HATES it. *pout*


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