Slinky Winkie!

Yesterday morning Zoe and I hopped in the car, stopped by 5bucks for a green tea frapp in my reusable Starbucks tumbler, t_16469and hit the road for Gigi’s house.  We looked at pics from FloFamFest 2009 then went to visit Gmommy (real name Winkie) at the nursing home.  We spent a couple hours cataloging Gmommy’s clothes (it’s like summer camp for old people so we have to write her name in her clothes).  Then we took Gmommy to the in-house beauty parlor for a shampoo & blow-dry.  After her hair was all done we walked her back to her area. Gmommy dancing Her new boyfriend is Jerome and he saw her and just lit up like a Christmas tree!  Gmommy & her boyfriend Jerome They are so cute together.  I love that 2 alzheimer patients can find love in a nursing home.  Gmommy has a little doll baby that she cuddles and the 2 of them were fussing over the baby.  So cute!  Like a little family!

After the nursing home Gigi & I went to see The Proposal.  Very cute.  Love Sandra Bullock.  I’d give my right pinkie toe to look that good at her age!  We ate some Mexican (Hawai’ian quesadilla for me) at a local joint near Gigi’s before I picked up Zoe and we headed home.  Zoe had a big day and slept the whole way home. My sweet girl.

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