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Budget Birthday Bonanza

Speaking of birthdays, mine is coming up on August 3rd. We have a credit card that accrues miles with each dollar spent.  Recently I started noticing that some of my miles were disappearing from my balance.  We’ve been using this card for years.  We started it so we could earn enough miles to go to China.  Then Guatemala.  Well, neither of those are in the cards now.  And we haven’t been using the card lately because we’re trying to eliminate credit card usage.  Because we’re not earning or using miles we’re being punished 12 miles a month.  That’s not good.  So CSP & I were talking about using the miles before they are all taken away and going some place fun.  But we’re on a budget.

imagesWhere can you go to have fun but not spend too much $$?  Vegas!  We’ll be spending my birthday in Vegas!  We’re so excited!  We have enough miles to fly first class (very important as CSP is too long to fit comfortably in coach seats- last time he flew coach his knees were bruised for weeks).   We haven’t been to Vegas since our honeymoon 8 years ago.  We stayed at the Paris then and we’re staying there this time around too. Except now it’s recession time so the room is only $69 a night!  Woot!  Our honeymoon was in March when the weather was 73* and perfect.  This time we’ll be visiting during hell heat time so we’ll spend as much time as possible indoors in the a/c.  I hear it’s a dry heat but 103* is still 103*!  We’ve been wanting to get back to Vegas for a visit since the day we left over 8 years ago.  It will be so much fun spending my birthday on the strip!

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    1. Dude, now is the time! If you really really don’t care about your hotel room you can get a room for $17 a night! Join us!

  1. Personally I love the heat…I prefer to go in the summer. In the winter it gets really windy and VERY cold! Nevertheless, I’m totally jealous and upset that we can’t go with you. 😦

  2. Oh yay!! I went in July when it was 121* and it actually wasn’t that bad because it isn’t humid AT ALL. Thank god, or we would have been dead. lol Although our first day there was the hottest and we hit the premium outlets that were outdoors and made of brick. It was down to 119 when we left 4 days later.
    We stayed at Paris as well and I just love it. If we go in Oct like Jemima’s mom is thinking, we will probably stay there again. 🙂

  3. ooo vegas. Are you going to see Celine? Ive only been to the airport there. Both of our birthdays are in June and we might go to Charleston.. neither of us has been there.

    1. I don’t think Celine’s there anymore. Although if I do see her walking around I’m gonna tell her to get her son’s hair cut for Pete’s sake!

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