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CSP is an Anti-Dentite

Yesterday CSP had a dental appointment to get 2 fillings.  His first ever. ttoothHe was ALL worked up over it too.  Now, if you’ve never met my husband, he’s no shrinking violet.  He’s 6 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs in at 250+ pounds.  He’s not scared of anything.  Except a white coat.  Get that boy in a hospital, dentist, or doctor’s office and he freaks. My poor honey got no sleep the night before the appointment.  He got up early and mowed the lawn trying to work off some anxiety.  Then it was time to go to the dentist.  On the way there I asked CSP if he’d like a mint. CSP: Nope. Didn’t even brush my teeth so I have nice bad breath for ’em. F%¤k ’em.  (what a rebel!)

I love our dentist.  She’s a sweet, petite woman with a soft voice.  She’s the epitome of gentle.  Her office smells good.  Candle’s lit, the works.  We had to wait a good while before they called us back.  Yes, I was there.  CSP asked me to go with him and be in the room with him for the procedure.  I was hoping he would calm down a bit in the waiting room.  If you didn’t know him you’d have no idea he was stressed.  But I could tell.

He sat in the chair and they took his blood pressure.  I’ve never seen that done before.  Dr. Jones said it is because the anesthesia can cause your blood pressure to rise so they have to make sure your bp is low enough before they get started.  The hygienist took CSP’s blood pressure and the first reading was 170 over 103!  Yikes!  I really did not want my husband stroking out in the dentist’s chair and making me a widow!  They let him sit for a while then came back to take another reading: 154 over 102.

Then Dr. Jones came in and said his bp was just too high to risk it.  So she rescheduled the fillings for later this month and sent us home with a prescription for valium for him to take an hour before the appointment.

I’ve never been kicked out of a dentist office before!  As soon as the door closed behind us CSP let out a little whoop of victory and gave me a huge grin.  “No filling for me today!”  Anti-Dentite!  (all my fellow Seinfeld fans should recognize that term).

8 thoughts on “CSP is an Anti-Dentite”

  1. I also have to go to the dentist with Hubs. I have to sit close enough to hold his hand the entire time though, I don’t think the dentist really likes me being in the way but its the only way we can get him to even open his mouth!


  2. That’s SO funny! I’m the one who’s ABSOLUTLY TERRIFIED of them. Terry is so blase about going, I wish I could be…!

    And I LOVE that graphic of the tooth with the eye patch!


  3. that’s hilarious! i was wondering how he handled it…seeing as how i’m in the same boat…tell him i’m going to have implants…so i’m opting for FULL anesthesia as i think that’s the only way i can do it. knock me OUT.


    1. Will they knock you out with an IV? Cause he about passed out the
      first time I got an IV. I don’t think he could survive it!


  4. Oh man..I hate going to the dentist (bad childhood experiences). They have a special note in my file I think. I’m one of those white knuckle patients in the chair. Just the smell and metal sounds sends me overboard.


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