New Years Prayers

My sister Sara is sick. She’s been sick for a while and doctors have yet to pinpoint what is wrong with her exactly.  But she recently had a CT scan and they found that her spleen has enlarged to the size of a basketball.  They are currently doing tests to find out if the cause is leukemia or an auto immune disease.  Please keep her in your prayers.  This is a scary time as we try to stay positive waiting on the results.
Thank you.

17 thoughts on “New Years Prayers”

  1. Good lord!! Do you need your spleen? ie, will they remove it? Oh my gosh, you guys must be worried sick. I’ll say lots of prayers. I’m so sorry to hear this.


  2. very sorry to hear this shannon! i know how sucky it is to have to wait for test results. praying for good test results and quick answers too!


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