How I did what I did

So…Kristie asked about how did I get the colors the way I did. I used Wilton icing colors. No top secret ingredients I promise! Christina baked the cakes. A big one for the bottom and a little one for the top. Then I whipped up a huge amount of icing, using the standard Wilton icing recipe. Then I tinted all the colors. Here’s what the purple looked like before: And here it is after: I put a crumb coat on the cake. Just a layer of vanilla icing to catch all the crumbs and to help the colored icing stick to the cake. Then I drew out the waterfall. Then I filled in my outline with the blue icing. I covered the rest with the green. Then I decorated the rest. Color by color works easiest for me. Dora cake I  decorated for Ella's birthday It was so fun! And now I’m going to make some cakes for a couple friends of mine for their kids’ birthdays. Fun!

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