How I mourned my youth

I actually don’t feel that old in my head. Except I don’t remember things as well as I used to. But inside I really don’t feel any older than like 25.
So…Saturday I did something kind of different. I had my hair done as usual, but then I had my hair girl put a magenta highlight in my hair. I love it! I think it’s beautiful. I have always wanted to try something like this but I always worked in an office. Not now. Woohoo! CSP calls me Stripe. You’ll have to wait for a good picture. I had to wear a headband on Sunday to appease the conservative CSP. But I did take this pic on the way home from my hair girl’s house. magenta

My Mom & I get our hair done together and she brought my presents to me. Such cute stuff! She gave me a yummy smelling candle, the CUTEST elephant tea pot, an adorable lady bug purse hook , and some fab rococco stationary.

Sunday CSP & I went to lunch with his parents at Flying Biscuit. Then we went to have dessert at Dean & Deluca. They gave me my presents there- some fun outdoorsie plates & a cute lime green wallet, plus a couple of gift cards- one to Starbucks & one to Kohl’s.

So, what did CSP give me? He let me get the zoom lens & flash I wanted for my camera! Woohoo! So after lunch we went to see The Dark Knight. So good. Then we went to dinner at The Melting Pot. YUM. But the celebration does not end there! This weekend is the annual birthday game night!

7 thoughts on “How I mourned my youth”

  1. awww I love that elephant pot. How very cute. Your collection is growing! You’ll need another one of those cool shelves you have in the kitchen pretty soon!

    mmmmmmmmmmelting pot. YUMMO!

    Im so glad you had a good birthday. I really debated trying to surprise you and come up and see ya.. but it looks like you were all booked up!


  2. Happy Belated birthday Shanny! Love your hair, totally cute. And what great birthday presents. I have heard many good reviews from The Melting Pot, did you enjoy it?


  3. you got some good gifts!!!

    i got the same present from my husband for my birthday! i love my lens and flash! the flash makes the pictures incredible


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