My PhoBloDays

Why is it that every time I schedule a PhoBloDays nothing exciting goes on??? AND why do I always forget to take pictures?

Ok, so Friday was a bunch of housecleaning, waiting for the Directv guy, controlling the pugs while the Directv guy was here, then getting pretty to go out for a girls night out! A bunch of us (24 to be exact) met up at Chili’s for dinner. The group I enjoyed a lovely mango margarita with my dinner. Mmmm mango margarita! Then I came home and hung out with CSP for a while before going to bed.

Saturday I woke up and went to pick up Richie from the kennel. He is my friend Candice’s dog and they were at the beach. He’s such a good boy. Picked up Richie from the kennel I got him settled at their house then came home. CSP and I had fun playing the Wii. Wii played a little golf & Mario Kart. I checked the mail and there was a fabulous package from fabulous Pam! Fun mail! She totally hooked us up with all sorts of real estate magazines from Knoxville. I tell ya, Tennessee looks better and better every day! I went and took a nice nap then made dinner. Making dinner I made Arroz con Pollo. Just some more hanging out with CSP then bed time!
I promise to do better next time, during Fall PhoBloDays. I thank everyone for playing!

4 thoughts on “My PhoBloDays”

  1. Hello! I wandered over here from the Salsa In China blog. I live in TN and saw that you were planning to move here? To Knoxville? My dad works in Knoxville and I’ve lived in TN all my life except for a few years of insanity in which I moved to D.C. Need any tips about moving/living in TN? Or just want to check out my blog? We love TN (of course we are a little biased). Here it is (the blog) if you want to see it.



  2. That’s ok. Doesn’t always have to be exciting. Just a good chance to see what we all are doing every once in a while. šŸ™‚


  3. I agree! Everyday doesn’t have to be totally crazy exciting. Because real life ISN’T…and isn’t that the point of Photo bloggy day? šŸ™‚


  4. I saw that you want to move to Knoxville. There is an awesome homebuilder in that area called Mollenhour Homes. My husband was considering a job in that area and I was researching houses and found them and they had some awesome houses.


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