Death rattle and roll

I’m on lockdown!  I went to the doctor today cause I can’t seem to beat this crud.  She did a chest xray and it turns out that not only do I have an ear infection, but I have pneumonia too!  Go big or go home!  That’s what my germs say!

CSP was with me and as soon as she said I can’t go to Easter at my mom’s (not with the kids there as they are petri dishes of sickness), his eyes got all big.  I think he’s going to get me a bubble to live in.

I’m just so sick of being sick.  I have bags under my eyes, my skin’s all pasty looking, and I have more prescription bottles than a nursing home!

She put me on steroids.  So at least when I get better maybe I’ll have a career in baseball.

10 thoughts on “Death rattle and roll

  1. Shannon: I have lurked forever and think you are a scream. I live in Salisbury, not too far from you. I HATE that you are sick at Easter, but I had pneumonia not too long ago and you have to behave. I tried to get all brave and crap and went back to teaching kindergarten a little too soon and ended up in the ER! So, rest, rest, rest and isolate yourself and drink a lot! Celebrate again next week, afterall Jesus is still risen, right? 🙂 Kelly

  2. Oh Gosh. That stinks. I hope you are feeling better soon. There is nothing worse than being sick for an extended period of time. I hope you have a quiet, restful Easter at home.

  3. Feel better soon. I’ll bring a Louisville Slugger for you to practice with so you can start spring training right off. HA HA HA

    I love how you can keep a sense of humor about this. It rocks. 🙂

  4. Ay Shannon Shannon I am sooooo sorry. I hope you feel better soon. Perhaps dressing the pugs up as bunnies will cheer you up a bit??

  5. ooo I thought you sounded like you had an ear infection. Poor girl. The good thing about the steriods is that you will be feeling WAY better really fast. But, dont push it. Its a trick. You arent better.. you just feel better.

    Nurse Michele says drink LOTS of fluid. I mean like enough to float a warship. Anything that’s caffiene free. That will go a long way to clearing up those junky lungs. Some vitamin C wouldnt hurt either.. theres a product called EmergenC that is pretty tasty.

  6. Good Grief, Do you ever get a break? At least you have a great sense of humor when you are under the weather. Feel Better super soon! ((HUGS))

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