My doctor hooked me up to a nebulizer machine CSP took me to the doctor for this crud I’ve got.  She kept asking me if I had breathing problems (I don’t) cause she said my lungs sounded like an asthmatic with an infection.  So she hooked me up to this nebulizer machine for a half hour or so.  Of course we took pictures as soon as they left the room.  It helped my lungs feel a bit better and I could breathe better.

She asked me who would be at home with me.  I was having a coughing fit so I pointed to  CSP standing in the corner.

Dr:  Is that it?

Me:  Should I call in reinforcements?

We thought it was hilarious.  She said it like maybe CSP being home wouldn’t be nearly enough help for me.  She got all embarrassed when we joked about it and said she only meant were there kids at home or something.

She prescribed an inhaler, some codieney cough medicine, and a zpac.  So I’m nice and doped up for the weekend.  I’ve got to go back on Monday for her to listen to my lungs again.  She’s worried whatever I have could be pneumonia setting in.  Ugh!  I tell ya, when I get sick I GET SICK.

10 thoughts on “Wheezy

  1. I have one of those nebulizers at home for Liam. I haven’t used it since the first time we brought it home! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he doesn’t need it. But it seems like such a waste of money!

  2. Geez! All kinds of fun you’re having. At least you have the cute pugs to come home to … hehe. Even if you can’t breathe real well, at least you can smile.

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