Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

Morgan, my sweet little sister, is turning 18 (omg!) in April & is graduating from high school in May.  Then in August she will be going away to college.  All this makes me ill.  She is my little sweet pea and I love her so much and I just want to put her in a little box somewhere so no stupid frat boy will try to get her drunk.

I’m obviously dealing with all this in a very mature, dignified manner.  Jon & I have chosen her big birthday/graduation present and she will get it on her birthday.  But I still wanted to give her something at graduation.   So I thought I’d give her some advice.  And I would write it in a letter.  But I started writing and next thing you know there are chapters and a glossary.

Where do you fit in with all this?  Well, I want my advice book(let) to be truthful and fun.  It’s all the advice I wish someone had given me when I was graduating.  Because the stuff they tell you at the graduation ceremony doesn’t really help.  Especially when all you want to do is toss your hat in the air and hit the road for the beach.  Kids need to know about how to deal with roommates, and frat boys, and how they should never sleep with a professor, no matter how hot he is.

So what do you wish people had told you?  Give me your best nugget of wisdom for Morgan and I will pass it all on to her at graduation!  Thank you in advance!

14 thoughts on “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon

  1. When I read the title, and then saw you were writing about your sister…I got very worried. Whew! Graduation and birthday! I can deal with hearing about that!

  2. Make sure that you bring “shower shoes”:) Those showers can be a little nasty! Those Old Navy sandals work great! I will be back if I think of anything else!!

  3. “Kids need to know about how to deal with roommates, and frat boys, and how they should never sleep with a professor, no matter how hot he is.” Deary deary me, what kind of advice is this young lady? I’ll tell you what kind it is. It is bad advice little sister. Frat boys are dirty little torags and the only professor you should ever sleep with is a professor you marry.After you’ve married him of course

  4. I never had to study much in high school to make decent grades and I thought the same would be true in college…um, no. I wish someone had really warned me yet, I doubt I would have listened until I nearly flunked for myself.

    My cousin just turned 18 and is going to college this fall too. I nearly passed out when I found out she was going to be 18, I thought she was turning 17. I know, it’s only one year but 18 is just…it made me feel really old. lol!

  5. hmm I guess my best advice is to try to stay as far away from debt as you can. Avoid credit cards at all costs. If you cant afford to pay for it with cash.. either you dont need it, or you will appreciate it more after you save for it. Life is hard when you have bad credit.

    Also. Being single until after you finish school is NOT a bad idea. You have to much to do to worry with long term relationships. Date, explore whats out there and do what you want without having to report to some guy.

    Attend classes. It seems simple but with the freedom of adulthood comes temptation to be a slacker. You wont regret being responsible.

    “Live such a life, and be such a (wo)man that if every (wo)man were such as you, that earth would be a paradise.”

  6. “Never sleep with a professor no matter how hot he is” – LOL! That’s a good bit of advice. But then again, it could help with your grades.

    I have no advice to offer. I’m a dog, and Woman is seriously Type A, so her advice would be to study, study, study and stay away from all things fun. That’s not good advice though.

  7. 1. Go to class. No matter how tempting it is to sleep right through that 8:00 “History of Man” class. Go.

    2. Condoms. Always.

    3. Choose a field of study that will provide you with a lifetime of fulfillment. I recently read a study that said that adults in Shanny’s (and me) generation switch careers a minimum of 7 times. It’s okay to mix it up, just make sure your degree will provide you with enough of a background to be able to make the switch if you want. Meaning: don’t major in something so obsure that you wont be able to get a job.

    4. Always have enough cash in your pocket to call a cab.

    5. Eat healthy, exercise, and sleep well. As exciting as it may be, partying gets old and pizza sticks to your ass.

    6. Wait a semester (or two) to rush. You’ll be wiser and you’ll have a good sense of which sorority suits your lifestyle best.

    7. Don’t hesitate to ask for a new roommate if yours:
    a) sucks, b) brings a different guy home every night, c) never gets out of bed with her perma-boyfriend, d) steals your stuff, e) sets up an alter.

  8. Michele took the words right out of my mouth…or head lol

    i agree avoid all CREDIT cards!! if you can avoid a relationship! lol GO TO CLASS!!! i’m 21 and did all of the above and now i’m paying for it! it’s okay though..i’ll get through it!

    oh also, if you don’t have to work during school don’t…my first semester at college i was working 40 hours a week and taking 18 hours of classes! it was complete and total hell! i dropped one and failed one..uh! so sad!

  9. Try to be the best friend you can be. There will be ALOT of backstabbing/hurting each other etc. like in highschool so all you can do is be the best person and friend you can be and try to be forgiving as well!

  10. Oh boy… I could go on and on. I turn 28 this month. That is 10 years after highschool and my gosh have I learned some things. Here are my tips:

    — MAKE COLLEGE YOUR PRIORITY. Do NOT (I repeat) DO NOT stall, drop classes, or goof off. You WILL regret this.

    — Enjoy the part-time, fluff off jobs you will have during college. You will never have jobs as fun again, trust me.

    — Be open to meeting people that come from different walks of life. They teach you so much. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with them or be their best friend or love them, it just makes you more tolerable of people and that will make you a better person.

    — DO NOT. I mean this….DO FREAKIN’ NOT open any damn credit cards during college. This leads to major problems. MAJOR problems. Just trust me on this one. Who cares if they’re giving away free t-shirts in the student rec lounge…I’m serious. That t-shirt will end up costing you TONS of wasted money. TONS. Did you hear me? TONS. (not that I know anything about this, just hear say). 🙂

    — Leave the highschool immaturity shit behind. It means NOTHING in the real world. This is a big one – so listen up. Highschool was filled with catfights, backstabbing, who’s richer, who’s the best dresser, who’s the prettiest. That does not make a heel of beans in the real world. Move it along. I promise you will feel so much better leaving that in the past.

    — Find yourself. This is a biggie too, so take notes. What I mean is – make decisions for yourself, don’t be persuaded by friends. Decide what’s best for YOU and go with it. Sometimes it might mean swimming upstream but if it’s best for you and your situation then do it. You won’t regret it.

    And my final tip:

    — FORGIVE yourself. You will go through a lot of bumps during the years right after highschool. Sometimes it will feel freeing and fun while other times it will feel dreadful and sad. Just accept what you have. Go with it. And when you fail at something (and we all do), forgive yourself. Don’t harbor the hurt or let it scar you. Life goes on.

  11. Enjoy the moment. Making good grades is very important. However, don’t get so caught up in grades and school work that you don’t take the time to enjoy this unique period of your life that you’ll only get to experience once.

    I’m going to go against the grain here and actually recommend that you do get a credit card. Be sure to get one with no annual fee. Be responsible with it. Charge a deal of groceries on it once every few months and pay off the balance in full when the bill comes. This will allow you to start establishing a credit history and increase your FICO score so that when the time comes to buy a house you’ll have an excellent credit rating. This means a lower interest rate on your home loan. Or your car loan. Whatever the case may be. However, if you cannot be a financially responsible adult with credit…then do what the other people suggest and do not get a credit card. People that are financially irresponsible have no business getting a credit card.

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