Recent purchases I’m loving

~Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottles sold with Built NY insulated sleeves. Cause apparently my reusable plastic water bottles are killing me by leaching chemicals into my water. It makes me sad cause I’ve been carrying Tupperware water bottles for years (and I have no firm info that Tupperware specifically is leachy, but I live with Cap’n Safety Pants), but I’m consoled by the handy snapping handle on the insulated sleeve of my new bottle. And the kicky stripes don’t hurt either.

~Baggu Bags. They come in great colors and fold up into little pouches that fit in your purse. I get funny looks at the store, but I don’t care. I’m saving the Earth 1 bag at a time. You’re welcome Earth.

~Jon’s coffee maker broke and I had to order a new one. I plugged “pug” into the Amazon search bar while I was there just to see what was out there. This little guy came up. Photobucket He won’t save the Earth, probably just plunder it looking for snacks, but he sure is cute! I’m glad I went ahead and got him cause now he’s sold out. I’m not normally a figurine kind of gal, and my home isn’t full of pug memorabilia, but come on, he’s a pug AND a pirate. There was nothing I could do.

12 thoughts on “Recent purchases I’m loving

  1. Does the steel bottle taste like metal? That seems to always happen to my coffee mugs. Good for you for saving the earth.

    No, there’s no taste at all. It’s great! My plastic bottle tasted plasticy.

  2. umm the whole plastic bottle thing isn’t true… they just did a story on it on the news up here… can’t find the link but I still like your new sippy… very cool… and I love those bags… ugh I wish I could afford those right now… but oh well… but great job for using something like that… and don’t forget IKEA’s big bags… hehehe!

  3. I bought one of those BUILT insulator sleeves (wine bottle holder) for a gift exchange and it was a hit. It was so cute! I’m gonna get one for myself eventually.

  4. The Tupperware ones are non-leachy, it is a different kind of plastic. And I think the normal ones only leach when heated. But the metal one is so cute!

  5. Polycarbonate plastics are the ones that supposedly leach endocrine disrupting chemicals, and this only supposedly happens if they are heated in the dishwasher or microwave. Handwashing is OK. Polyethylene plastics are the OK ones. You can tell the difference by the recycling number on the bottom of the container. Polyethylene has a 2 and polycarbonate has a 7.

  6. i have similar grocery bags (envirosax) and i get strange looks EVERY week at the harris teeter grocery store (also i insist on bagging my own groceries in my special bags). but i dont’ care!! now, when i go to Wholefoods or Trader Joes i fit right in with them, lol.

  7. We also use the baggu bags. They’re very nice and carry more than a regular plastic shopping bag. You can get plastic bottles that don’t leach. They’re made from a different kind of plastic and will say, “won’t leach” on the side. I have a pink one. Those metal ones are too heavy to lug around.

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