Over it

Things I’m over:

  • What happens in ______ stays in ______. If I never hear this saying again it will be too soon. It is soooo over played.
  • Live, Love, Laugh. It’s on EVERYTHING.
  • Vera Bradley bags and knockoffs. Photobucket Don’t get me wrong, I like some of the prints.  I really like the elephants.  But I would never buy one.  One reason:  these bags are EVERYWHERE!  September 2006 Shannon & I were sitting on a bench at some outlet stores and in only about 20 minutes we counted over 50 of these bags walking by attached to people.  And the since then they have gotten even more ubiquitous.  They very well may be a plot by the government to seize control of our brains!  Resist!
  • The election.  And it’s only January.

What are you over?

      14 thoughts on “Over it

      1. AMEN. If I see one more Vera Bradley ANYTHING… however, strangely, I do not find myself over the idea of Coach, Louis, or Chanel. Hmm… Go figure.

        Yeah, with you there. I don’t think I could ever get sick of Coach. Of course they have so many different patterns it’s not like Vera where I’m drowning in a sea of quilted paisley!

      2. I hate vera bradley!! BARF! Also sick of this election crap… also over vegas etc… also over with this writers strike!

      3. with you on the election! 11 more months of this???? So over Britney Spears, the writer’s strike and the media rehashing Heath Ledger’s death EVERY day!


      4. I’m so over cold weather, the election, and not having any motivation to do anything (home, work, doesn’t matter)…give me time and I’ll think of more.

      5. Britney Spears – especially any photos of: her crying, showing her naked ladytown and/or period stains, or of her saggy breasts in see-through shirts. EWWW

        The media trying to make something out of Heath Ledger’s death – let his family grieve in peace!

        Obama – You’re American, right? Whatev…

        Pregnant celebrities – who really cares when JLo pops them out?

        Vera Bradley – The wallets and matching covered pens are the worst.

        What I want to be over but can’t let go? Posh Spice – she’s fascinating in a trainwreck way.

        Love you!

        OMG, see this, THIS is why I adore you. I’m so with you on all of the above!

      6. hmmm I am still sporting my vera bradley wannabe.. and you cant make me toss it either.

        I am OVER
        selling crap for my kids school.
        grocery prices going higher and higher.
        the writers strike.

      7. Those are too funny, I have to agree with a few of the comments
        Over – Britney Spears and her drama (really wish she would get help and get out of LA) and the writer’s strike.

      8. OK, ladies … come on … Vera Bradley ROCKS! In my husband’s hometown (the headquarters for Vera Bradley), there’s a *huge* discount sale every year that people just *flock* to. I have always wanted to go. I own a few Vera Bradley purses (just two, I think) and would love to have some more. I agree, they do look kind of “old lady” sometimes ~ but they’re gorgeous! And so easily washable! I love mine. I have a VB makeup bag that I’ve been using for YEARS. Good stuff. Sorry ~ just had to stand up for VB! hehe 🙂

        What I’m over? Britney Spears. Seriously. I am *so* tired of hearing about her in the news. And I am *so* over winter, of course. Bring on spring already! Also ~ I’m *so* over places that still have Christmas decorations up. Come on!!!

      9. I’ll be very honest about this – I totally made up our little blog thing about living, laughing, and loving all on my very own – then as i saw more and more of it, I realized that perhaps I was subliminally coerced.

        You are so correct – it popped up everywhere all at once :0

        And Britney – and Lost – and celebrities in general – I feel like its all making me crazy!!

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