Get to know me from the inside out. Literally.

Today was my post op appointment with my surgeon who did my hysterectomy. My incisions look great and he said I’m healing up nicely. That I should expect a few more weeks of mild pain & cramps & tiredness. He also said he was surprised at how much my uterine lining had fully regenerated after my ablation last summer. He said it was like I never had the procedure at all. Nice to know that was money, time, and suffering well spent. Punk doctors should have given me a hysterectomy then. Not my current Dr.- he’s no punk. He totally saved me with this surgery.

Now for the best part….PICTURES OF MY INNARDS!!! The pics were taken with the little camera they use for laproscopic surgery so the detail isn’t what you’d get with a digital SLR or anything. And they were all printed on this big sheet of paper. So I had to photograph the paper. I would have scanned it in but I wanted you to be able to click on each photo and get a good blown up look. Lucky you! For those of you who have weak stomachs I will not show the photos right here on my blog. Instead you’ll have to click on the links below to see the pics.

This is my uterus. Just below the uterus (the big, round, pink thing) is my intestine. You can see my one fallopian tube coming out of my uterus on the right.

This is where my left fallopian tube should be, but it was removed a couple years ago. The white ball looking thing sort of below the uterus is my ovary.

This is the hole my uterus left in my body when they took it out. You can really see my ovary now- the white ball thingy there. What looks like tape is some sort of membrane they put in there to help it heal. That’s what my Dr. said at least. Looks to me like they forgot some scotch tape in there.

Now…the big finale! I love my Dr. so much for this last picture. He took my uterus and laid it out then took a picture of it. It looks like a big, dead squid. The uterus is the balloon looking thing up top then the cervix is the opening on the bottom. Ok ready?? Here it is. I know! Can you believe it??

17 thoughts on “Get to know me from the inside out. Literally.

  1. I have those pictures too! They even gave me a souvenir picture, with all the photos on one page. I don’t, however have a picture my uterus on the table. Your doctor rocks!

  2. Jeremy looked up right as the last photo came up and asked what the hell is that… then i told him he just looked at me in shock lol

  3. oh man shanny, good thing I just had my first cup of coffee….. your uterus looks so big on that table! i had no idea. Glad you are getting kicks out of your pics and healing well!

  4. So that’s what’s been giving you all the grief! Wow! Cool pictures. Your doctor rocks for taking them for you (and for making you feel better)!

  5. I had no idea a uterus was that big. I am getting ready to discuss ablation vs. hysterectomy with my Dr. on Tues. Since you mentioned that you had ablation last year–can you give me your opinion on that? I’d rather go for the hysterectomy and be done rather than trying one more thing that may or may not work. I’d appreciate any insight you can give since you’ve BTDT

  6. I now know you WAY better than you know me!! I’m not sure I have any pictures that can even touch those! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Wow! Cool pics.
    Pics were never given to me.
    Is this is a new thing?
    I had mine June 2004.

    Better go read Hyster Syster to see if others got pics too LOL.

  8. Cool pics!! What a great doc to take those for you. Don’t you love the world of blogging and the ability to share your inards with the world! :o)

    I’m a friend of M3’s who popped over here after checking out her toe scar.

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