Sup y’all?

I’ve noticed I’ve picked up some new readers lately (hey, how are you? thanks for coming!) and I thought I’d update my About page a bit to explain all the major players y’all get to read about. So go check it out.
In other news, Bloglines is eating my blogroll. I used to have like a million blogs that I’d keep up with via bloglines but now I’m down to around 30 somehow. So one of these days (after I finish our taxes- I KNOW!) I’ll utilize the WordPress blogroll feature. And I like to read my readers so if you’re just hanging out on the fringes and not commenting why dontcha take this opportunity to let me know who you are and leave your blog address and I’ll come visit.
Oh, and you know that 100 wishes quilt people make when they adopt from China? I think instead of one of those I’d like to do a scrapbook. Anyone out there done a 100 wishes scrapbook? Any tips? Is it all white and nerdy to do one if you’re not adopting from China anymore?

7 thoughts on “Sup y’all?

  1. I think you absolutely should do a scrapbook – sounds like an awesome idea to me. And if anyone dares to call you a nerd just tell ’em you were one of the first people on the web to post a pic of your hand skin flapping under a super-dryer in the restroom. Ha – take that! (Aside: every time I use one of those things I remember your picture and laugh.)

  2. SO not white and nerdy!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!! I am not a “quilt” kinda girl, I’d much rather have a book of wishes from my girl. Doin’ it. Totally doin’ it.
    You rock.

  3. Shannon,
    My computer crashed and I’ve been having BMH withdrawal. DH finally got it sort of up and running tonight. At least I was able to find my list of blogs (well- partial list). Glad to catch up on the funniest blog on the web. Some things never change!

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