Monkey Foot Mandarin

You guys are the best. Thank you for all your kind words and support. I took a sleeping pill last night and finally got a good night’s sleep so today I’m so much better. And I just got an email from my SW that she has to reschedule to Sunday morning due to a death in the family. Yay! Not for the death, but for the 2 extra days we get to prepare. We’ve been painting and with the yard sale our house basically exploded. Now for some fun stuff:
~Remember I told you a couple weeks back I hit the wrong button and now Jon’s atm card will only talk to him in Chinese? Well I called the bank and they sent a new card and said the new card would default to English. It didn’t. So I called the bank again the other day and told a new person the situation. She said there was nothing they could do from their end. What do you mean? You’re Bank of Metropolis- the most powerful bank in all the land. She said the language option can only be changed at the atm. I said ok but the problem is the atm will only talk to us in CHINESE and we don’t read or speak Chinese. She suggested maybe we take a Chinese friend with us to the atm. Oh, Jimshum- er, Jason, I know I called you by the wrong name for over a year but could you please help us with our atm troubles? How do you say fubar in Chinese?
~Speaking of Jimshum, we went in to pick up Chinese for dinner the other night and I’d been listening to my Learn to Speak Chinese audio book on Hale’s iPod so I was all prepared with a new phrase. I walked in and said hi to Amy, Jimshum’s wife, and told her I had a new phrase for her. So I said “Ecuse me, I can speak a little Mandarin.” in Chinese. She looked at me and said “Listen to you! You said ‘Mandarin!'” I said I said about 8 other words too. But apparently I don’t have the tones down so the only thing she understood was the word for Mandarin. I probably walked in and said “Chicken toaster singing monkey foot Mandarin.” Dammit! I was already on unit 2 and now it seems I failed unit 1. Back to the first lesson of Mandarin for me!


Our home study is on Friday and I’m a nervous wreck. I’ve literally made myself sick over this. I’ve been throwing up for the past few days. I’m so nervous. Everything is riding on this one day, this one lady, this one opinion. This woman can make or break our chances to have a family. Everyone says don’t stress you’ll be fine, but this is so big. This one social worker will decide if this time next year I’ll be a mom and Jon will be a dad. My boss gave me Thursday off today when he saw me shaking at work. I’m totally over the whole anger thing, but I’m seeing it through other people’s eyes now. My mom just can’t understand why I should have to stress so hard when we’re trying to give a home to an abandoned baby. I understand the process and if it were my child I’d want the social workers to do their jobs well too. It’s just ironic that when you get pregnant you don’t have to be visited in your home and scrutinized. I get along with most everyone, but what if this woman thinks I’m weird or doesn’t like that we have dogs or something off the wall? Jeesh I need a valium!


The techno geek in me is going insane. Why did all these cool new gadgets have to come out right when I couldn’t be more cash strapped with the adoption and all. I mean, my priorities are in line and I’m not out maxing out my Visa, but man, the temptation is there. First there’s the iPod nano. And I’d love an Apple laptop in time for our China trip. My digital camera is acting up so I’d love to have a new one of those, and since my cell phone died and I had to get a new one- the cheapest one they had, but I’m working with all these Blackberry toting guys and I’m dying for one. I’d also love to get a video camera in time for the China trip to capture Ling Ling on film. I am having fun with an iPod though- Hale got a free one for buying a Jeep and I’ve been using it, and falling in love. Such a cool toy! Hmmm, is winning the lottery really such a statistical impossibility?

GTC Yard Sale Results

The yard sale went great! We were up way too late Friday night putting out signs- we were delayed a bit by a friendly police officer. Then the alarm went off way too early Sat morning. I couldn’t believe I was up and dressed and dragging stuff out to the driveway before 6. Shannon arrived and we were ready for business by 7. Our first customer came at 7:15 and for the first hour all we saw were men out yard saling, which was surprising. People came in waves, everyone (save one lunatic) was super nice. Most everyone asked if we were really going to China. Some people thought we were missionaries, some thought we were moving there permanently. We told all who asked our stories and everyone was so great and supportive. Seems just about everyone these days knows someone who has adopted. Some people even bought things after hearing our stories when they weren’t buying anything before. It was great. Saturday reminded me yet again why I love living here. Nice, friendly people wanting to help. There was this mother & daughter who bought Jon’s old papsan chair and couldn’t fit it in their car. I told them they could come back later, I’d hold it for them. Then a big truck pulled up and a couple got out. I called out Good Morning! Where do you live? They happened to live not far from the mother & daughter and the next thing you know phone numbers were being exchanged and the papasan was in the back of the truck ready to be delivered to the ladies later in the day. So nice! We got rid of sooo much stuff, which was necessary as we’re moving the office into the bonus room to make room for babies. My mom and Hale donated things for the sale, and so did my boss, which I thought was so cool. The people were all great and we got surprising offers. 8 or 9 people wanted to buy my new bike, we got a couple offers on the house, and some inquiries as to if I would sell my car. At the end of the day we were sweaty, tired, sunburned, happy, and over $300 richer, which Shannon and I split evenly between us. It went so well and we had so much fun that we’re planning another sale for the spring!

Going to China Yard Sale

This has been a busy week working and getting ready for our big yard sale tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post pics and results. We’ve made fabulous signs, taken out ads, notified friends and neighbors, so we’re hoping for a success. If only Rita wasn’t threatening to make gas a million dollars a gallon again. I hope Rita doesn’t scare people into staying at home! I might have just the cd or book or lamp they’re looking for!

Cribs & Cub Scouts

Saturday Shannon and I headed out to the mall so I could pick up a little present for my MIL’s birthday. I also had a pair of shoes to exchange at Nordstrom that my inlaws had given me. I think I’m the only woman in the world who didn’t find a pair of shoes at Nordstom Saturday during their big end of season clearance. So armed with my refund Shannon (with a new pair of fabulous shoes) and I headed over to USA Baby for their big sale. We didn’t buy anything there, but when we walked in there in front of us was Ling Ling’s nursery, just as I had invisioned it, sort of- I mean it’s a store display so there would be minor changes. I took a picture to show you but my camera is acting up and it just looked like a psychotic mess.
I have no idea how much these things should cost so I sure didn’t want to buy something and be ripped off. We’ve still got plenty of time for furniture shopping anyway. I’m just so excited about the whole idea now!
When Shannon first got to the house and rang the doorbell I had just finished drying my hair and my pants were still in the dryer downstairs. So I ran to the door and opened it with wild hair and no pants. Shannon was standing there next to my 7 year old next door neighbor Cub Scout. He’s looking up at me with wild eyes and I went completely stupid in a matter of seconds. I said hey to Shannon and looked down at little Noah and said “Hey Noah are you selling popcorn for the Cub Scouts?”. He just nodded, eyes bulging. So I said nice and loud, “I don’t have any pants on!”. Luckily Shannon had the presence of mind to lean in, grab the doorhandle and pull it closed while instructing me to put on pants and meet them downstairs in a few minutes. I made sure the door was unlocked, ran and put on pants and made my hair presentable. By the time I got downstairs Shannon was standing there with a big tin of popcorn. Seems my no pants episode cost her $8 in carmel corn!