Biz E

This working for tha man thing is really eating into my blog reading time. I’m so behind. Plus I’m not taking as many photos, the shows on the dvr are backing up, there are dishes in the sink. Waa waa boohoo. At least I’m working, and I know any money I make will go toward bringing my babies home. So much to tell you though.
-Our ghetto tivo (the dvr we get free through our cable company since we bundle services) has totally changed our lives. Now when we go to watch tv we click the button with our taped shows instead of looking at the guide to see what’s on. I can’t stand watching live tv now.
-Have I mentioned that I’m loving my make my own schedule, get to wear crop pants, free Dr. Pepper, kick ass job?
-My fabulous friend Shannon gave Ling Ling her first doll- a cherry scented Barbie sized doll that is Asian and is just beautiful. And Aunt Lisie sent a selection of adorable clothing last week. LL is gonna be all tricked out! Pictures to come soon.
-I went to lunch today with 3 of the ladies from the office and one of them used to be a flight attendant. She would sign up for the adoption runs every year and volunteer to escort babies home from Korea. She would meet the 1st escort in Detroit and fly with the babies on the last leg of the trip. What a cool thing to do. We cried at lunch while she told us how rewarding it was to see the joy on the families’ faces when she went through the gate with the baby. And one day a man came up to her and said “You brought my baby home to me and he’s here and wants to meet you.” And the little boy (age 8) stepped forward, hugged her and said “Thank you for bringing me to my family.” OMG I’m tearing up again. How cool is that? What an amazing part she got to play in the lives of these families.
-In other adoption news we have our home study this month. Still firming up the dates. So nervous. Must hire team of miracle workers to prepare my home. Filling out forms is one thing, but this takes us to a whole new level.


So a couple of people have asked me why don’t I put a Paypal button on my site to accept donations toward the adoption. I haven’t done this yet because I’m torn. Some people will look at that and think if we can’t afford to adopt then we shouldn’t do it. But that means we won’t have a family. We spent all our savings over the last year dealing with my medical bills (3 hospital visits, 2 surgeries) and then we found out we couldn’t get pregnant. So adoption is our next option- and we’ve really embraced it. I have never been good at asking for money, even when it’s offered up. We do have a seperate account set up at ING for the adoption and we’re saving like crazy and budgeting like mad. But we still have to live our lives and that means periodically we might get Chinese take out or see a movie. That’s another reason why I haven’t posted the button. I don’t want people thinking we’re spending their money on foolish things. We’re gonna make this adoption happen, no matter what. If people want to help, well, that just blows me away. Such kindness from people who may never meet Ling Ling in real life, but would like to see her come home. I am so grateful to those kind folks who have helped already. So I’ll ask you my dear bloggy friends, and please be honest, would it seem like panhandling if I put a Paypal button up? Or should I just continue to accept donations via the mail?

I am

On my adoptive mom’s to be board on MSN this topic came up the other day and it was interesting. So here’s a little peek as to who I am.

I am:
Jon’s wife
Ike & Kea’s mom
Ling Ling & Mei Mei’s mom to be
Morgan & Sara’s sister
Jake & Joey’s aunt Shanny
allergic to pennicillin & hydrocodiene
5 feet 7 inches tall
a bad driver
a marketer’s dream
a bad cutter, chopper & dicer
fair skinned
happily married
not a fan of heat or sweat
a happy traveler
scared of the dark
itchy- I have excema
a natural blonde
fun to hang with
a techno geek
a voracious reader
a girlie girl
a messy cook
a cheap drunk- no tolerance
a great gift giver
a great gift receiver
easily distracted
Irish on both sides through and through
never on time
a good friend
more and more every day

What are you?

Long, long ago

I’ve been tagged again.

10 Years Ago: I was 22, just starting my first real job. Still recovering from ending a 4 year relationship with my first real love. Spent the rest of the year dating various punks.

5 Years Ago: I was preparing for my March wedding and had been working for my last employer for about a year. Jon and I had just moved in together- my first time living with a boy ever.

1 Year Ago: I was recovering from surgery and a ruptured cyst and dealing with a few rounds of Clomid.

Yesterday: Spent the day at my sister & BIL’s new house watching my nephews so my sister could unpack. So fun- getting in practice taking care of babies. Two at once is a lot!

5 Snacks I Enjoy: red grapefruit, grapes, Ritz chips, brie, cereal.

5 Songs I Know All The Words To:

All That Jazz- Chicago soundtrack
Grease & Grease 2 soundtrack
It takes 2- Rob Bass
I need love- LL Cool J- I swear if I could replace all my brain space that is taken up by song lyrics with productive information, I’d be a millionaire.

5 Things I Would Do With $100 Million:

Adopt lots of children.
Divide a portion up between our immediate families — my parents, sisters and Jon’s parents — enough to cover off all their debts and then some
Donate a large portion to charities I believe in — Susan G. Komen Foundation, church, United Way, and some additional children’s charities.
Invest in real estate — a house in the mountains, etc.

5 Places I Would Run Away To:
Key West
the mountains
Las Vegas
French Countryside

5 Things I Would Never Wear:
a tube top
a thong bathing suit
stirrup pants
those butt crack cleavage jeans
stilettos (I would break my neck)

5 Favorite TV Shows:
Grey’s Anatomy
Desperate Housewives

5 Biggest Joys:
napping with Jon and the pugs
playing with my nephews
dreaming about Ling Ling and adoption day
traveling and exploring new places
game night with the family

5 Favorite Toys:
Digital Camera
Electra bike
Sony Clie
Old school playstation with Centipede

5 People I Tag To Do This (if you haven’t already):
whoever wants to play! just leave me a note in my comments!


I take my camera everywhere with me. And it’s a good thing too because you never know what you’re gonna see. Firstly, I forgot to include this cute little candle in the picture of birthday goodness that Ani sent me. And then last night we got invaded. See, we have this ghetto doggy door. The cat, DaBrie, got out one night and wouldn’t come back. So we went to bed. Well she came back and clawed her way through the screen door and spent the night between the 2 doors. Well we haven’t been able to replace the screen yet, so I just cut it into a nicer looking rectangle and the pugs jump through it. Apparently this huge flying monster from a Biblical plague saw my ghetto doggy door as an open invitation and came on in last night. It ran into my leg, screaming ensued, none of the pets helped. I got over my fright long enough to snap some pics, then Jon bundled him up in a towel and took him back outside. You should have heard all the clicking noises that thing was making. I do believe he was the Beezelbub of the insect world.


I totally forgot to mention this…Saturday was my blog’s 4th birthday! I started blogging a few months after getting married to chronicle our marriage and because it was easier than writing in a journal. I’ve hopped urls a little bit, so that’s why my archives here only go back so far, but I’ve been blogging faithfully for 4 years now.

In job news…ok here’s what I can say about my job right now (more later I promise)- I am working for a great guy who manages a large team of sales agents for a large, established company in the finance/insurance/annuity field. He wants to grow his team while training his new agents in the field. That’s where I come in. I’m doing his recruiting, interviewing, scheduling, lead calls, etc. All the stuff he can’t do from the field. That way he spends more time out with his clients and agents and I take care of the office stuff. I don’t have to wear pantyhose (HALLE FREAKING LUJAH). My hours are really flexible and I can work 2 days a week from home. This is looking to be something I can continue with once my babies are home. Yep, Ani asked if we were looking at adopting more than one, and yes, we’re looking to adopt twins. We’re asking for them, they are rare in China, and we may not get them, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. So I’m really excited about everything. Esp the perks. My boss told me “You know I’m a great gift giver. Hey I love your bag, is that Coach?” Now that’s a good sign. A great gift giver who can spot a Coach bag? Sign me up!

She works hard for the money

So today was my second day at my new fabulous job that I haven’t told y’all about yet. I looove my boss- he reminds me of Vern from Trading Spaces. I can’t say the name of the company, don’t wanna be Dooced my first week. I am excited about this job and it’s future potential. Plus, I hear there may be a Blackberry somewhere with my name on it. The techno geek in me is way excited.

In adoption news Jon and I wrote our autobiographies this weekend and I mailed them off last night. Jon’s was so funny. In the part where you describe what type of child you want he put the basics like 0-12 months, female, twins, but then he added non-smoker. Good thing you cleared that up. How many infants do you know that have the hand eye coordination to smoke!