Make a New Plan Stan

Make a New Plan Stan

I’m a planner. I’m a list making, web surfing, flow charting, researching planner. I have little packets of info, lists on everything, white boards, chalk boards, my Clie, you name it and it’s involved in the process. I love it. I think I may like planning almost as much as doing.

What I’m planning now:

*July trip to Wilmington with the pugs

*August trip to Ikea

*Retro Skating Party for my birthday (hopefully, this is WAY up in the air due to a lack of decent roller skating facilities in my town.)

*Labor Day weekend trip to the Mountain House

*Birthday Pawty for pugs in late September.

*October trip to St. Augustine to be in my friend Holly’s wedding. Then we’re spending a few days in Key West and visiting relatives in central Florida. We’re taking the pugs with us on this trip too if the Wilmington trip goes well!

*Family Reunion for Thanksgiving

*Jon’s birthday and Christmas

*Mom’s 50th birthday party in January

Hooboy. Lots to do. Lots of shopping for supplies. Lots of decorating. Maybe I should make a career out of event planning!

Wax On, Wax Off

Wax On, Wax Off

Yesterday I went for my very first leg wax. Oy. It took 3 hours (she also threw in a bikini wax and we did a lot of chatting). It hurt a little (some places, a lot), but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And now I’m so slick I feel like I should be skinny dipping or something!

I’ve been skating around the house, practicing for braving the outdoors or a skating rink, and I’m getting better. I’ve only fallen once with these new skates.

We ordered Chinese take out for dinner last night and when I called the order in I spoke with the same girl we always talk to. At the end of the order she usually says “Your name please?” and I tell her and spell it. But this time she said “This is for Last Name right?”. OMG- she knows my voice! We are there way too much. So we drive over and I walk in and she calls out “Hey Last Name!”. I’ve got to start cooking more. I feel like Norm at Cheers.

I done alright for a girl

I done alright for a girl

Yeah, cause I got a brand new pair of roller skates, and they came with a brand new key. They are soooo cute. They were waiting on my porch last night. I got them here for pretty cheap! They arrived really quickly too. I ordered them Monday, didn’t pay for fancy shipping, and got them on Wednesday! So if you want cute skates definitely go there. And they are really quite comfortable. They fit just like a sneaker. Oh, and note the cute purple glitter wheels! I also ordered some purple pompoms to go with them and lime green fat retro laces. Oh yeah, I’m big pimpin! Ha! I skated around the house a bit last night much to the annoyance of the pugs who couldn’t figure out how I could move so quickly all of the sudden!

Back on Track

Back on Track

Lots going on…Where to begin…Well, since I haven’t updated in a while I’ll just pick up where I left off.


I got my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed in the morning, had lunch with Jon, then went for bloodwork in the afternoon. I learned some shocking things at the salon. The lady that cuts my hair is only 2 years older than me and I could have sworn she was at least 45. Children must suck the youth out of your face. Then my eyebrow girl is 2 years older than me and she looks not a day over 24. But she has 2 kids too. So now I have no answers. My hair lady also told me she knows a lawyer who can get me a baby in 5 weeks. That seems a little illegal/scary, so we’ll do a LOT of research before going forward with that one.


Long day at work. Got home and found that Jon had bought us a king sized bed. Yay! We’ve always wanted one. We don’t have a bed frame though- so Jon’s going to build one. My in-laws needed a full size bed for their guest room so we gave them ours, then moved our queen size bed into our guest room and set up our king in the master. Everyone wins. We won bonus though. My in-laws gave us a futon they don’t need anymore (in perfect condition) that we put in the bay window alcove in our bedroom, and a refridgerator they aren’t using anymore since they remodeled their living room. So we put the fridge in the garage. This works great since we entertain a lot and buy in bulk from Sam’s. We’ll never run out of ice now. And it will make it so much easier come holiday cooking time.


I worked during the day, then we shopped for Jon’s dad for father’s day. He’s a judge, so very conservative. We bought him a nice understated striped shirt, some dark solid colored shorts, and then, to mix it up a bit- a pair of cargo shorts and a Sponge Bob Square Pants shirt that reads “Guess what’s in my pants!”. So funny.


We went to brunch with my in-laws, then to see The Terminal (soooo cute). Then we shopped around a little then came home and grilled out. Good day. FIL liked all his presents and even wore the Sponge Bob shirt for a while. We had to explain who SB is and they still didn’t know until I sang the song. Thank goodness for the pineapple under the sea!

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

So I thought I’d share a new find with you. While shoe shopping recently I noticed a Burt’s Bees display of tinted lip balm. The salesgirl gushed about it and I’m all about a good lip balm so I bought one. It’s teeny so it fits right in your pocket. The color is good and it tingles when you put it on. It’s the perfect compromise between lip gloss and lip stick. I can’t stand a gunky lip stick, but some glosses just don’t have staying power. This doesn’t shine like a gloss, but if you aren’t in a position to reapply, this lip shimmer will stick around for a good while.

Speaking of sharing and caring and cosmetics…the other day was cocktail day with my ladies. This time it was at let’s call her Shirley’s house. Shirley is a professional make up artist and also runs a major cosmetics counter at a large department store. She shared with us that she actually met a woman who named her child Clinique. Please people, just because it sounds pretty doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. I know we have weird pet names, but that’s where we stop. I mean, Cicada and Febreeze sound nice, but not for people.

All Girls Skate

All Girls Skate

Tonight after work and dinner, my mom, Morgan and I went roller skating at a local rink the next town over. We pulled in right behind a dump truck that produced a man and 3 teenage girls from the cab. Are there no other vehicles at their house? With gas prices the way they are I can’t imagine that’s the best way to travel right now.

Anyway, I haven’t skated in at least 10 years. Neither has my mom, and I think Morgan’s maybe skated 2 or 3 times. So lacing up and hitting the floor was quite a sight. My mom rolls off like Dorothy Hamill or something, like she was born on wheels. Morgan was glued to the wall for a while, then finally got the hang of it and did great.

I fell at least 3 times. And that was the easy part. It’s the getting up that’s hard. The mom’s sitting on the bench watching their children took pity on me and shouted encouraging words, but I knew I still looked like a drunk flamingo.

Eventually I got going pretty well, but I need a lot of practice.

We did decide that we won’t be visiting that particular rink anymore. The skate wheels were filthy and the floor and carpet were all dirty. The only person who seemed concerned about cleanliness was a 3 year old boy in tiny socks pushing a broom and dust pan around yelling “SCUSE ME!”.

Well Guarded Secret

Well Guarded Secret

While shopping at Bath & Body Works not too long ago I was chatting with the salesgirl and I mentioned that I missed a couple of their discontinued fragrances. She told me that they still produce a lot of their “discontinued” fragrances, they just don’t sell them in the store. They sell them by mail order. Call 1-800-518-3616 and you can order direct. Who knew!?

The scents they still produce are:

> White Ginger and Amber

> Citrus Punch

> Daffodil Fields

> Flowering Herbs

> Freesia

> Fresh Ginger Lime

> Fresh Lilac

> Happy Daisy

> Honeysuckle

> Herbal Mist

> Lavender Flowers

> May Bouquet

> Peach Nectar

> Refreshing Garden Mint

> Seaspray

> Sparkling Green Apple

> Strawberry Lemonade

> Sunsweet Kiwi

> Toasted Hazelnut

> Vanilla Bean

> White Gardenia

There’s a little note at the bottom of my flyer that says scents may

change based on inventory availability.

Now if I had just been informed of this a year or so ago then I wouldn’t have scared that BBW salesgirl like I did with my dismay over the loss of May Bouquet!