Today we had Jon’s parents, his aunt, uncle, an…

Today we had Jon’s parents, his aunt, uncle, and cousin, and a couple who are friends of the family over for dinner and croquet. We had a low country boil (so good), and it was a lot of fun. The pugs dressed up a little, but that didn’t last long. They looked cute while it lasted though! They loved it when we played croquet, and when it looked like I was losing, Ike pulled up the offending wicket and ran off with it. Delay of game!


Ike and Kea resting-

The deck looked pretty with the citronella torches.

The festive table helped set the mood.

Closeup of the flowers I used in the place card holders/vases.

The beverage station. I love the little grocery cart with the limes in it. A World Market find.

Wow, it’s Friday already. This was my long week a…

Wow, it’s Friday already. This was my long week at work and today is the first day of a week off. Hurray! Jon’s off for the week too, so we plan on getting lots of home improvements done.

In techie news I’ve finally broken down and joined Netflix. We should get our first movies this weekend. I’m not a big tv watcher in the summer anyway, and it works out to be $5 a week if you just watch one movie a week, which is basically the price of one movie at Blockbuster anyway. And no late fees! And they have a ridiculously huge amount of movies to choose from. I already have 42 in our queue! Have any of you used Netflix? Happy with it?

Vacation all I ever wanted

Vacation all I ever wanted

So everyone’s starting to ask about vacation plans. We usually do all of our vacationing in the fall and spring. We’re not big on burning in the sun. I’m very fair and could burst into flames at any given moment once the temp goes above 90. So our vacation plans this year are as follows: I’m in a wedding in October in St. Augustine. We’ll stretch that out to tour around the state and maybe stop by Disney. Other than that we’ll make a couple Ikea runs and spend some time at the mountain house of course. I prefer the mountains in the summer and the beach in the fall so this all works out. Usually an impromptu mini-holiday will pop up and I’ll run off to visit friends or family in addition to the scheduled vacations.

If money was no object I’d take a cruise of the Greek Isles. Ahhh. What would you do?

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

Things I’m digging right now:

> Georgia and Boing by Benefit.

> Los Lonely Boys

> This cool new nail polish from L’Oreal that sparkles, but not in that obnoxious way. Perfect for my summer toes. I wish I could find the link for it.

> We’ve caught up a little on our movie watching and we enjoyed all of our recent picks: The Cooler, Shrek 2, Cherish, Kill Bill Vol. 1.

> Iced Ginger Peach tea. mmmmmmm.

> Target, who I’ve always loved, is constantly coming out with too cute stuff and I applaud their ability to keep up the hipster pace.

Things on my not so digging list right now:

> Ike keeps eating anything and everything. I caught him trying to run off with some body scrub yesterday. And, avert your eyes if you’re squeamish, he totally pooped out an ear plug the other day! He’s wiley! We keep an orderly house!

> It’s so hot. 90 degrees hot and not in the boy band kind of way. And it’s only May.

> We wanted to have the biggest, kick ass Memorial Day weekend party ever, and I’m a planner so you know I had sketches and lists galore, but the $ situation is just bad and we just can’t do it.

> I’ve been nauseas and not being able to keep solids down much the last few days, but other than that there is no sign that my baby making pills are working. Come on ovaries!

I have to end on a high note. One more thing I’m digging right now is that for my next birthday we are totally planning a roller skating party! What a hoot!

Teeth and Girlie Bits Combo

Teeth and Girlie Bits Combo

Today I took care of those two horrible appointments in one day. The Dentist and the OBGYN. Shudder. The good news is that my teeth checked out just fine and my girlie doctor started me on my baby making drugs! I have to go in every 2-3 weeks for bloodwork for the next eternity until I’m pregnant, but that’s a small price to pay. Although the lady that took my blood swore she was going to be gentle, told me to take a deep breath, and then promptly skewered me like a kabob. I’ve never had blood work hurt like that. Sheesh. It was all I could do to keep to myself her grave need for a hot oil treatment on that haystack she called hair. Sorry, erm, pain makes me a little catty I suppose.

Afterwards I went to Target to drop off my prescription and become another victim to their “oh, give me 15 minutes” conspiracy. We all know it doesn’t take them that long to fill your little bottle. They just want you to spend all of your baby savings on electric scissors (on clearance for $4.98!!!) and cute lime green laundry baskets.

So keep your fingers crossed for us as we begin the science project that is Baby Making 2004.

It’s the heat, ya’ll

It’s the heat, ya’ll

Jon thinks the heat must get to all southerners when it comes time to name things. It cracks him up that the farther south you go, the more quaint the names get. There’s Highway 44 and on Highway 44 is the Highway 44 restaurant. While looking at houses for sale in our county we came upon a street named Real Quiet Court. And for Mother’s Day we went to one of my favorite southern restaurants, The Lizard’s Thicket. It’s a country cookin’ place without much to do with lizards, so we can’t figure out where they got the name from. But you can’t beat a place that hangs its menu on the wall and still gives you a meat and 3 veggies for less than $6.