Tour of the Lawless South Day 4

Tour of the Lawless South Day 4

We started the day by jumping in the car with Sara and Jake and driving 90 miles for lunch. We had lunch at the famous Shealy’s barbque and it was fabulous as always. It was fun trying to explain some of the Southern dishes to the girls, like fried fat back. It’s fat, fried in fat. bleh. But people, if you are ever in the mood for barbque and are anywhere close to SC, it’s totally worth the drive.

My cousin Tamera and her husband Charlie met us there for lunch. They are from my hometown but live in Brooklyn, NY and were in town visiting her parents, Kevin and Marcia. So after lunch we drove over to visit my aunt and uncle. I’d been wanting to see Kevin for a while because we’d heard he’d lost a thumb to a table saw in his workshop.

He was telling us the story of chopping off his thumb tip (just below the nail) when Lisa asked if they were able to save it- meaning to reattach. Aunt Marcia jumps up and says “Oh yeah, hold on.” and runs from the room. She returns with a little white paper bag and shakes out the thumb! They keep it in the freezer. Right next to the ice cream she says! We were all skeeved out and Marcia says “What? It’s just my husband’s thumb!” as she holds it in her bare hands! Well, you know me well enough to know I documented the whole thing with the camera. Click here for pictures of our week.

There’s so much more to talk about- Hell was unleashed in my neighborhood, but that will have to wait for next time.

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