Go See This Movie!

Last night I went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Let me tell you, I laughed so hard I cried. The place was packed and everyone was just howling with laughter. It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long time. It was so fun, and so true. My aunt married a Greek man when I was 3. I was the flower girl. Having Uncle Adonis in the family has taught us all so much about the Greek culture. They are so fun! When I was 10 my grandmother took me to Greece the same time Uncle Adonis had brought his kids (my cousins) and my aunt to visit his family. Yaya is just like the one in the movie. All dressed in black all the time, not speaking a bit of English. We visited all the big cities and stayed for a few nights on the island of Agistri where Adonis was born. It was so beautiful and so much fun hanging with all the cousins,aunts & uncles. I’d love to go back there one day, now that I’m an adult. But until then, go see the movie! I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD! It reminds me of how it’s been blending Husband’s mild, typical, Mid-Western, Minnesota, only child, handful of cousins, cream of mushroom eating, family with my loud, crazy, boatload of cousins, tons of aunts, uncles & step-people, hugging & kissing, chaotic, non-organized, fried chicken & barbeque eating family. Only without all the Ouzo! =)

Fun Purchases

Last night I stopped by Target on my way home for my monthly Allegra fix. While there I picked up some of the new Revlon Lipglide lip gloss I really like it. It’s got a fun cushy tip. I got the Lilac Lustre. I think I’m up to a ridiculous number of lip products in my purse now. I’m thinking I might take a picture of the contents of my purse to post. It’s really quite a mix in there.

I also bought the new Dixie Chicks cd- “Home”. I’ve only been able to listen to the first half of it so far, but it’s really good. I just love them. It’s more bluegrassy, less pop. By the way, Target has it for just $10.88. Not bad.

I’m a disorganized crafter

This is the afghan I’ve been working on for the last 3 years or so. Husband says it looks like a wonky scarf. I’m getting there. I only know one stitch and I often forget that I’m working on it. But I’ll pull it out every now and then and crochet while watching tv or on a road trip. The other night when I pulled it out to work on it I told husband after he joked “You’re still not giving up on that thing huh?” “I’ll finish it one day”, I said, “and then I’ll be able to drape it…” Before I could finish husband cut in with “On our grave!”

Crockpot success # 2!

Last night we had chili I made in the crock pot. You know how chili always tastes better the next day? Well, this chili tasted next day good on the 1st go round. The recipe is posted here. I prepped everything Tuesday night then turned it on before I went to work yesterday. Husband likes his chili over spaghetti (like chili mac). I topped it with sour cream, cilantro & white queso cheese. I also made some tortilla chips in the deep fryer to go with it. Husband was so cute because he was so excited over it.

How do you like my funky chili bowls? I painted this set (there are 4 different designs) in 2001 and we love them. Because they’re pottery/stoneware type bowls they keep your chili or soup nice and warm.

Now I must take a moment to vent. My friend ‘S’ was supposed to be having dinner with us last night. She asked me when could we get together, she asked me could we eat dinner at my house instead of meeting at a restaurant. Then she totally bailed on me yesterday saying she was ‘tired’ from too many late nights. She pulls this kind of thing on a semi-regular basis. One of those who schedules 37 things to do in one day then calls you up to see if you can get together for a movie that day. She’ll ask if she can come over then once she gets there start talking about all the places she has to go next. I’m just thinking that’s rude. I stayed up late Tuesday making a nice dinner and cleaning my house for her to come over then she bails because she’s tired? She just asked if we could get together Saturday afternoon to scrapbook but that she’ll be driving to another city in another state that evening for a football game! So basically we’d scrap in 30 minutes or less? When I make plans with someone, I’m in. I’m there. Unless my house burns down I’ll be there. I respect the fact that you well, have a life and other things going on in it and that you’ve set aside some time for us to get together. Because you know what? So do I. Sorry to end this post on a not so happy point, but I thank you for letting me vent. We’ll now resume our regular programming. =)


We have a new security guard in the afternoons in my building. Security is very tight here. We have to wear badges and scan them to get into the building & hallways etc. And we have security guards on duty all the time. The morning girl in my building- not so nice. But this new guy….he’s so nice! As soon as you step off the elevator he’s up and holding the door open for you. He wishes you a nice evening and a safe ride home. I feel like I work in some big fancy hotel now. I talked to his boss yesterday and told him how wonderful he is. Boss said I was the 3rd person that day & that he would make sure to pass on the message. Oh, if just everyone could be as nice as him for just a few minutes each day, the world would be a better place.

The Ultimate Irony

Ray’s tumor is in the right side of his brain. That means that he would notice lack of mobility or other motor problems on the left side of his body. Normally. Except that when Ray was born something went wrong and he was left with a withered left arm. No or very little mobility. He had to have numerous surgeries. So he never noticed something was wrong with his left arm because there’s always been something wrong with his left arm. How about that? The one thing he’s dealt with all his life is the one thing that hampers the discovery of the thing that is now threatening his life.

Thank you so much to Liz who posted a very helpful site that I’ve since passed on to Ray’s family. It chronicles Brad Kaminsky’s battle with a brain tumor. I really believe that it was meant to be that Liz find my site, as Ray will be treated by the same doctor that Brad’s family raves about on his site. So keep praying. He’s got a big fight ahead.