nightbeat last night husband and i went to nigh…


last night husband and i went to nightbeat with the in-laws, jon’s cousin lee, and jon’s aunt and uncle erv & deb. it’s the annual performance and competition of drum and bugle corps from all over the country. jon’s cousin dana plays trumpet and has been touring with the carolina crown for 2 summers now. she’ll be a senior in high school this fall and let me tell you, it’s greuling. they perform in literally 100 degree heat in these huge long sleeve uniforms. but she gets to go all over the country and it’s really quite an experience. you have to audition to be in the corps, and it’s the best of the best in your state.

they really put on an amazing show. last night one of the corps, the cadets , brought the house down. they ended up winning the gold medal, but they won the crowd over first. their program was all based on 40’s music with a very patriotic twist. the color guard was all decked out in 40’s dresses & suits, so cute. they did swing dancing, had war era posters, and the boys wore 40’s army uniforms. the band performed boogie woogie bugle boy and america the beautiful among other american revival songs. the whole crowd was on its feet. they just did an awesome job. if you ever get a chance to go to one of these shows, pleeeease do. you will have the best time, and the kids really appreciate it.

once upon a time…. m asked how husband and i me…

once upon a time….

m asked how husband and i met. and you know, i don’t think i’ve ever written about that in this blog. so here we go:

about 5 years ago 5 of my friends and i decided to go on a cruise. amy, landon, marc, kevin, jackie, & me. at the time marc (who is now my brother in law) was dating jackie (who was then my roommate). well, we get a little closer to cruise date and they break up. we had already booked the cruise and put down non-refundable deposits. so marc says “i’m not going unless i can bring another friend. i asked my friend jon to go.” this made me mad. we didn’t know this guy! he could be some wacko and now marc’s putting us on a boat with him for a week! marc said “don’t worry you’ll like him. you’ll meet him at kevin’s birthday party.” jon had said he would go and had already put down his deposit. well, i had already paid my cruise bill in full so adding jon made my total go down, meaning jon now owed me about $38.

now a little background info. jon and marc had been roommates in college. they had been friends the whole time marc & i had been friends (since 1992), jon and i had just never met. in fact, jon had only met the guys in the group casually, and hadn’t met any of us girls.

so, kevin’s birthday comes (5/22/98) and i go over to marc’s house for the party. i ask marc to point out this jon guy and i marched right up to him. the exchange went something like this:

me: are you jon?

him: yeah, who are you?

me: i’m shannon. i hear you’re going on the cruise with us.

him: that’s right.

me: well, you owe me $38.

at this point he made some smart comment i’m sure. romantic isn’t it?

well, it didn’t escape my attention that this guy was pretty cute. turns out he thought i was pretty cute too. we stayed up literally all night talking that night. the next night we stayed up all night again talking. by then i knew he was the one. he was such a gentleman and we just connected. and we’ve been together ever since.

so, that october (1998) all 7 of us went on a great cruise to the southeastern carribean. the next august jon proposed, and we were married march 3, 2001. i’ll have to tell the proposal story next time. it’s a good one.

….and we lived happily ever after.

let the festivities begin! saturday husband’s p…

let the festivities begin!

saturday husband’s parents came over for some window fixin and steak grillin. jon’s dad helped him replace the window pane he smashed. then we went to the grocery store for some steaks, corn, cucumbers & baked beans for dinner. we stopped by the fresh market so i could pick out a pre-birthday cake. italian cream. yum. we grilled out and had cake & opened presents. a good time was had by all. you can check out the recipes for the cucumber salad & mom’s baked beans with a kick here.

here i am with the in-laws:

blogger meet up i went to lunch today with natali…

blogger meet up

i went to lunch today with natalie ! yep, we finally met in person. in case you don’t know natalie let me tell you where she came from. i’ve been reading jenny’s blog for a while. she works for kodak where natalie used to work. jenny had natalie’s blog linked on hers. so one day i went to read natalie’s and she happened to mention that she was moving to charlotte from washington dc! so i had to send her an email to tell her how much she’d love charlotte. we started emailing, she moved here and now it turns out she’s now working in a building in my office park. it was fun to finally meet up in person. we’ll definitely have to get together again soon.

seems lots of bloggers are meeting up. kate met a fellow nj blogger at ikea the other day. and in just over a week i’ll be meeting rachel when we go to baltimore on vacation. it’s kinda weird though to know what to do when you meet. you feel like you already know the person, so is a big ol bear hug in order? of course you don’t want to scare anyone. is there some sort of etiquette on this??