the good friday five 1. If you could eat dinner…

the good friday five

1. If you could eat dinner with and “get to know” one famous person (living or dead), who would you choose? that’s a really tough one and i think the answer would change regularly. right now i think dinner at the osbourne’s would be awfully fun.

2. Has the death of a famous person ever had an effect on you? Who was it and how did you feel? i was really shocked and saddened by princess diana’s death. when i was just a wee child i watched her get married and then a few years later i visited london. i’d always really liked her. she always seemed so elegant and gracious.

3. If you could BE a famous person for 24 hours, who would you choose? madonna

4. Do people ever tell you that you look like someone famous? Who? people used to tell me that i look like victoria jackson from saturday night live (the blonde from way back), and i’ve heard i look like jennifer tilly. but mostly i look like your friend’s cousin’s girlfriend.

5. Have you ever met anyone famous? i had dinner 2 tables over from dixie carter a few years ago but we never actually met. i guess that’s as close as i’ve ever come to meeting a celebrity.

thanks to heather

fun tv i haven’t watched south park in a long tim…

fun tv

i haven’t watched south park in a long time, but the husband and i caught it last night and it was a riot! but we were totally confused as to where kenny was. so i went to to investigate. i can’t believe they killed him for good! he’s not even in the opening song anymore. poor kenny.

on a lighter note…we also watched good eats– we love alton brown. he was all about tea last night. and we caught greg the bunny. so funny!

feelin crafty well, i’ve finally finished our hon…

feelin crafty

well, i’ve finally finished our honeymoon scrapbook. i finished it the other night. i’m so glad to have that done. i mean we have been married for a year now. now i can get started scrapping year 2001. jeez, i’m so behind. i need to catch up so i’m not always a year behind. i’ve also picked up my afghan that i’ve been working on for the last 2 years!! ok- not 2 years every day or anything, just when the mood would strike. it obviously wasn’t striking very often! i’m only about a third of the way finished. by the time i’m done my 1st grandchild can take it to college!

yak pak i got my $10 3 pack of bags from yak pak….

yak pak

i got my $10 3 pack of bags from yak pak. i got the same 3 bags jenny did. they are pretty good for $10. the fanny pack is HUGE, and there was this “apartment bag”, and a little tiny pink bag. not too sure what the apartment bag is supposed to be. but i’m pretty happy with what i got.

had training all day today at work. then jon and i went to dinner at monterrey for mexican. now he’s got the itch to go to krispy kreme.

friday night was date night we had a big time. w…

friday night was date night

we had a big time. we went to dinner at qdoba then milled about in a cool garden store. had coffee & hot chocolate (for me, i’m not a coffee girl) & a cannoli at dean and deluca. then we went to see the count of monte cristo with our free passes. nice cheapo phillipo date. we had fun. oh- and we checked out the pottery shop over there at stonecrest called what a dish. nice selection, but they charge a $6/hr studio fee. too pricey for my blood. i’ll stick with meg art. i still have a gift cert from christmas to use there.

ow i woke up at 5 am this morning because my head…


i woke up at 5 am this morning because my head hurt so much. you know it’s bad when you wake up to hurt. i took an imitrex and it didn’t help. i took another one at 7:30. didn’t help. i just want one day where it doesn’t hurt. i can’t believe i’m looking forward to a cat scan so much!