Let them eat cake! But first we need to go over some directions…

So, I feel like my first fondant cake was a success! First I rolled out some white fondant and tinted it black then rerolled it out and cut out some daisies. Fondant is surprisingly easy to work with, although not the tastiest of cake coverings. So after cutting out black & white daisies (17 of them) in different sizes I glued them onto the white fondant covered cake with marshmallow fluff. Everything was going along nicely until the flowers started to slide. So I called my neighbor in a panic and she raced over with some toothpicks. I skewered each of the daisies and topped off each flower with a dot of icing to cover the pick. I made the cake almond flavored with a cream cheese & marshmallow fluff filling and from scratch almond flavored buttercream icing under the fondant. It’s not as clean and neat as I would have liked, and I was in a rush at the end, but I’m still pretty pleased. And here is the final result:click to enlarge all pics. Everyone liked the cake. Morgan had some girlfriends over and we had to dole out instructions before eating- don’t eat the black icing (stains your teeth), don’t eat the white fondant (tastes like cardboard and play doh), and beware of the 17 tooth picks. Papa said my cake was “like a white turtle. Can’t eat the shell, but the inside is tasty!” Here’s the birthday girl and her cake.

Lime time

We finished painting our kitchen! We left a couple inches unpainted near the ceiling for future crown molding. Besides the crown, all we have left to do is add the knobs to the cabinets and hang curtains & art. The color is Limonata from Lowe’s but the paint is Sherwin Williams. We’re going to put a chair rail and beadboard in the breakfast area at some point. And one day we’d like to upgrade our floors, but one step at a time! Here are pictures!

No longer a blank canvas

CSP & I have tired of living in our white house. Every wall and all the trim is painted the same builder white. So yesterday we went paint shopping. We picked out paint for all of the downstairs and the master bath. I still don’t know for sure what colors we’re going to do in the rest of the upstairs but you gotta start somewhere, right? For our family room & most of the downstairs (hallway, entry, etc) we chose Angora. The master bath will be Unique Gray (I have a master plan, trust me). The 1/2 bath downstairs is Rhapsody Lilac. And the kitchen will be Limonata (a lime green). We painted the family room last night, although I think more paint got on Molly than on the walls.Kiki stayed out of the way and napped through the whole thing-waking just long enough for a photo op!