January Birchbox!

January Birchbox!

What’s included this month:
-alessandro Cream Rich- anti aging hand cream. LOVE this stuff.
-Harvey Prince Ageless- perfume sample. One with a pump which I like. Perfect for the cruise!
-K√©rastase Masque Chroma Riche. A hair mask I’ll be using just before the cruise to protect my highlights.
-Now, the card says I got mascara but there was no mascara in my box ūüė¶
-My Multi Purpose Mattifying Moisturizer. Love a good travel size moisturizer and mattifying is just a bonus!


Adoption Update!

I’m so excited to tell you that I’ve found 3 little girls that we’ve submitted our home study for!¬†I combed the websites looking for a sibling group of 2 girls, or a boy and a girl but no such luck. ¬†But I did find 3 single girls. ¬†One is in the south. Not sure of exact age. ¬†One is in Mid West, she’s 9. ¬†She’s super cute. ¬†Then the last one is 8 in the NorthEast. ¬†As soon as I saw her and read her profile I felt an immediate connection.

So I emailed our social worker and gave her the links to the girls and asked for her to submit our home study to those girls’ social workers. ¬†Not sure how long it will take from here. ¬†We have to be approved by the girls’ social worker, then we’d start the visits. ¬†The number of visits to be determined by the girls’ soc worker. ¬†CSP is ALL about having an only child. ¬†So this could be one of those things like they say “You make plans and God laughs”. ¬†We could end up with just one after all! ¬†We can’t have more than 1 at the same time unless they are siblings. ¬†So if one comes home then we’d have to wait a year and start the process over again. ¬†That’s something I don’t think CSP would be too keen on doing. ¬†I barely got him through the process this time around!

So fingers crossed we will hear something soon from our social worker!!! ¬†SO excited! ¬†I’m obsessed!


Scentsy January Warmer and Scent of the Month

January’s Scent of the Month is Happy Go Lucky! ¬†images-2

Happy Go Lucky captures the exhilaration of a new romance with luscious red berries, silky orchid, and Japanese plum floating on a cloud of amber vanilla.

Meet the Warmer of the Month:  Be Mine  Be-Mine-Scentsy-Warmer-283x300 Be Mine is a radiant, patent red warmer featuring a sparkling stunner of a bejeweled heart.
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Bring Back My Bar is Back!!!

images-3It’s time again for Bring Back My Bar! ¬†These scents are only available for the month of January so scoop them up while you can! ¬†Click on the links below to shop!

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