Bloggy Parade of Homes- Halloween 2007

Welcome to the 2007 Halloween edition of Bloggy Parade of Homes! Please visit the links below to check out all of my bloggy peeps’ cool & spooky decor!

Here’s my Mom’s house: My Mom's Halloween decorations.

Photos of my house will follow soon. I want to get pics at night with the lights glowing.

Go visit:
Lola Bean
Kristie and here
Mama Michele

It’s not too late to play! Just let me know you’ve got your photos posted and I’ll link to you!
Thanks for playing!

Today is BPOH day!

Today’s the day we’ll be posting our pictures of our homes all decked out for Halloween! This is just your little reminder. I’ve got to take Molly to get her anal glands expressed (FUN!) and get my car inspected. Then I’ll be home to post all the links and whatnot. So leave me a comment if you plan on participating! I can’t wait to see what you’ve got going on!

Like a Boy Scout

I like to be prepared. So it’s that time of year again y’all. Christmas card season. If you received a card (and an adorable puggie pic) last year, then you can bet you’ll get one again this year. If you didn’t, but you’d like to, please email your address to heyshanny at gmail dot com. And if I’m not on your list (the horror!!!) and you think I should be (well, of course) then please add me. And let me know if I need to email my address to you.
Now, off to check out this year’s Christmas stamp (did I just give away how much of a mail geek I am?).


dutchmanresize.jpgI’m so excited! We’re all booked for Lisa’s wedding! On a Disney cruise!  So next Fall you will find us sailing away to Castaway Cay for Lisa & Pete’s beach wedding.  It’s going to be so beautiful and so fun!  Cool bonus for me, the Flying Dutchman ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is anchored in the harbor at Castaway Cay so I’ll get to see it in real life.  And you know how I looove pirates!

Late bloomer

It took me just over 34 years but I finally like dill pickles.dill-pickles.jpeg I’ve been working my way up to eating a dill pickle on it’s own, straight from the jar. I like dill. I like cucumbers. I even like sweet pickles. But the dill pickle scared me. I started with deep fried pickles with ranch dressing. Hey, this is the South, we’d eat our shoe laces if we could fry em up and serve em with a good dipping sauce. Then I moved on to a couple of slices on a burger. I survived. Then the other night Jon was eating some baby dills straight out of the jar. I smelled them first, not bad. Then he speared one for me on his fork and handed it over. I looked at it and worked up my nerve. Just as I was about to take my first bite CSP asked “Well, can I at least have my fork back?” Then I ate it. And it was good.
So now, me, I’m a pickle eater. I feel more grown up now. Next hurdle: asparagus.