She’s come undone

Last week at the attorney’s office (for the house closing) I noticed my shirt sticking out all weird. I snuck a peek and realized that my underwire was sneaking out of its housing under my left boob and trying to work its way out the neckline of my shirt. There was nothing I could do during the closing except try and sit like an Olsen twin all hunched and concave so noone would notice my protrusion. That closing dragged on for about 3 days, or so it seemed. On the way out we were walking single file down the hall so I reached in a pulled the wire out and dropped it in the trash can at the receptionist’s desk. I had to spend the rest of the day walking around all cock-boobed. Heh. Then I had to throw out a perfectly good bra. I hate that. My wires either pop in half or snake out through their little escape hole. Someone needs to invent a bra repair kit so I can pump my boob back up after a blow out.

Fashionably late

Ok- finally- my Halloween pictures. The inside of my house is box city so I didn’t do much decorating in the house. But I did put forth a bit of effort outside. I love these gummy skulls.
Fun Jack o lantern jingle wreath.This creepy bug’s hanging out on my candle holder!The ghosts on the curtain glow at night when the dining room light is on.Molly checking things out.Little luminaries on little shephards hooks marking the path. Buster the skeleton is standing guard. Skeeery!

Don’t fence me in

CSP & BIL are building our fence! Woohoo! I can’t tell you how excited I am. Walking Molly is pure torture. She’s the pug Houdini. She wiggles out ofher collar & harness and we’ve had to involve the neighborhood kids to reign her in. Building a fence is a big deal and it will take til Wednesday until it is completed. Can’t wait!

Fall Festival

Today was the first WCOG Octoberfest. It was a lot of fun. WCOG is the Women’s Circle of Giving that my sister started. We get together every other month and raise donations for various charities. Octoberfest was our first big festival and it went really well. I did face painting, there were vendor booths (Avon & whatnot), my BIL & Jon made BBQ, there was a bouncy house, craft tables, and more.

Costume contest:

The local fire department came out, let the kids explore the truck, passed out fire helmets & stickers.

Joey was a punk rocker:

So was Jacob:

We have an aggressive agenda today folks

Lots to tell you, so sit back & get comfy.

-If you’re participating in the Halloween BPOH- remember to post your pics tomorrow! I can’t wait to see everyone’s spooky haunts!

-We closed on the old house today. Woohoo! It’s done! We no longer own 2 homes AND we cleared enough $ to finish our dossier! So excited about that! We’ll still need to save for the China trip, but I’m just thrilled I can get this finished up. I totally cried at the closing table because of it. Also because I was literally running on 1 hour’s sleep. We procrastinated and frankly just have too much crap, and I can barely walk cause of my knee so it took forFREAKINGever to clear out the old house. We pulled an all nighter and got to bed at 6:30 this morning to get up at 7:30 to leave at 8 for the closing. We came home and crashed til 6pm today. I’m seriously doing some major purging of stuff and having a ginormous yard sale.

-Got my MRI results finally. Too bad I’m not a pro athlete, I would have had those results by the time Sports Center came on. I have an old football injury. I tore my ACL, I have a ton of fluid in my joint that must be drained (don’t like the sound of that), and there is deterioration around my patella. Patella sounds like a dish at Olive Garden. I go in the morning to the Orthopedist (sp) to see what’s next. I pray I won’t have to have surgery. Or if I do maybe they can do a 2fer and take care of my arms at the same time. I wouldn’t mind if they threw in some lipo, a tummy tuck, butt reduction and a pedicure while I’m out.

-I’m officially an old fogey. Lots of those combo restaurants going up- you know half Taco Bell half KFC? Those types. I don’t like it. Don’t mess with the formula. I don’t wanna go somewhere where they are a seafood/Mexican joint. Stick to one theme. I don’t want my egg rolls hanging out with my pizza.

-Sharing is caring: if you need anything from Sephora now’s the time to get it. Enter JACKPOT for your coupon code and you’ll get a goodie bag FULL of fabulous super sized samples. Everything from lotion to perfume to lip gloss.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Thanks for your time, you can go back to your day now.