Boob splatter

I have big boobs. And if you have big boobs like me then you know that by the end of the day your husband can glance at your chest and know exactly where you were and what you had for lunch. They attract stains. So I got this Tide to go pen to keep in my purse. All large breasted women must go buy this because it has miracle powers. I have not dropped one bit of food or drink or copy toner or anything on the girls since I’ve been carrying the Tide pen in my purse. All hail the Tide pen! Tide, me and the girls are forever grateful.

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My husband is a manager for a local grocery store. He gets lots of free stuff from vendors trying to woo prime store floor space. I never know what I’m coming home to. Lately he’s sported a Panthers jersey, put up a new patio umbrella (we have 3- Miller Lite, Ravenwood wines, and a plain one), and brought home a new turkey fryer. The latest prize was this cool fire pit. It’s from a beer company. I love all the goodies but it got me thinking the other day that our kids will think it’s weird when they go to people’s houses and they don’t see a brand name plastered on every lawn chair or drink cooler!

NY state of mind

We picked up Jon’s parents from the airport this morning. They spent Thanksgiving in NYC since it was our turn to be with my side of the family. They had a big time and saw the parade and all the sights. We sent them to the big apple with our last digital camera. Still works great. So today when we drove them home I showed them how to upload their pictures and edit them on iPhoto. They came home with 241 pictures and were so psyched that they didn’t have to carry film around with them and could see if they got a good shot right away. Ah, it’s so satisfying to spread the love of digital cameras and the Mac around. Their little faces lit up when they successfully cropped photos and ran a slideshow. So cute.

Butter no parsnips

The night before Thanksgiving we ate out Chinese. Jon got the strangest fortune cookie. Made no sense to me. But Jon used to be a produce manager, so at least he knew what a parsnip was.

Thanksgiving went well. It was bittersweet though. Grandmommy used to chef up some of the best holiday food you’ve ever had. This year we brought dinner to her. So the menu was limited, dinner was quick, and there was 3 hours of driving. But Gmommy looked good and was glad to see us and had fun with the babies. I noticed the effects of the Alzheimers on her memory this visit. But she still had fun and that was the point. It was so strange to sit at the dining room table, the same table they’ve had since my mom was 11, and think about the house. The house will be sold soon. Gmommy raised her family there, gave us a home when my parents divorced, hosted us on numerous overnight trips, and has since emptied out. Our growth chart is still on the door of the back bedroom. I check it every time I’m there. I now wonder if it will be measuring other children’s growth soon.


I hope everyone out there has a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Every year at Thanksgiving I make a list of what I’m thankful for. This year I’m thankful for:
~my wonderful family. I can’t say enough about them. I love them so much for all their love, humor, dysfunction, silliness, and support.
~my incredible husband. I love him more every day and can’t imagine me without him.
~our pugs. They really helped me through the hard parts of infertility. Made me feel like a mom even when my body failed me.
~Ling Ling. Our adoption keeps us motivated. We know you’re out there baby girl. Every night I pray for you. Know we’re coming to bring you home and that we love you like crazy already.
~the best friends in the world. Real life and bloggy. You guys give incredible support and it means the world. And my “regular” friends who are so not regular. You guys are amazing and are really family.
~faith and knowing that things really do happen for a reason.
~work. I love my job, my co-workers and my boss.
~our blessings. At some point during all the infertility and surgery woes I stopped and looked around and realized just how good I have it. To make a wonderful home with the man you love and be surrounded by love from your family and friends. I’ve got it made. And I thank God for that every single day.