I came home from work the other day to a vacatio…

I came home from work the other day to a vacationing husband who informed me that he’d been shopping online. Oh Lawd. He said “I feel like you!”. He tracked his package with an obsession and was so happy when it arrived I thought he’d squeal. He ordered a Minnesota Twins authentic baseball jersey, a Minn. Twins hat, and the NFL Party Pug. You mash his little foot and he sings Move it like this!” and dances! Yep, you guessed it, Jon’s from Minnesota and is a die hard fan of both the baseball and football teams. Our live pugs don’t quite know what to do with this stuffed, musical version, but he sure will be cute come game time! Posted by Hello

The Land of Red Dirt & Dead Cars

The Land of Red Dirt & Dead Cars

That’s what James Taylor said about the Carolinas at one of his shows a few years ago. He’s allowed though, he’s from here. It is true though, you always see tons of dead cars along the highway, just down the road a bit from that one shoe. Never a pair of shoes, just the one. Anyway, the above picture was taken from my car the other day while my Mom, Morgan, and I explored this new development that is being built in my neighborhood. As you can see they haven’t even paved the roads yet, and it had just rained so it was quite an adventure. There was much girlie squealing as we slid all around. I prayed we wouldn’t get stuck because we were all in flip flops and are much too prissy to be digging my car out of the muck! Luckily my little Rav4 did quite nicely and got us home.

Self aware

Self aware

I know my limitations. There are some things I just can not do well at all and I’m not afraid to admit it. I love how people are surprised though when things go badly after I tell them I’m no good at that particular task. My MIL was appalled at my cutting skills when she insisted I cut the cake for dessert. I told them- I can’t cut things with a knife! I can’t chop vegetables, cut into desserts of any kind without making a mess. It’s just not something I’m adept at. Some other things I can’t do (and how):

  • Sing or hum. I’m soooo tone deaf. But I’ve always heard if you can’t sing, then sing loud. Lucky listeners! And playing Cranium is always a hoot for my family when I pull a humdinger. It’s always an easy win for them!
  • Back up a vehicle. Yep, that’s why our shrubs look that way. Oh, and sorry about your lawn FIL!
  • Take pictures for informational purposes. Example: I toured some model homes of the new development being built near us the other day, but Jon couldn’t go because he was working. So I took pictures to show him. Unfortunately they turned out to show things like the rack in the closet, and the toilet, and a doorknob. He looked at them, laughed, and told me my photo taking abilities sucked so bad they blew.
  • Dance. It’s scary. Remember Elaine on Seinfeld? I could totally give her a run for her money. No rhythm. No coordination. Just a lot of jerks and spasms. But it is so fun!

I also am aware of things I can do well. I’m a quick study. Unfortunately none of my talents have brought me fame or fortune, but they make for an interesting list I suppose.

  • Crafts. Anything arts & crafty I can do. Show me how to knit and I’m a knitter. I can paint, draw, sculpt, crochet, sew, scrapbook, you name it. I can make just about anything too if I put my mind to it: candles, jewelry, ornaments, decorations, whatever. Just ask my family as they are lucky recipients of so many of my handmade sursies.
  • Technical stuff. I can program a vcr in no time. You need help setting up your sound system? Got it. Can’t figure out your cell phone or digital camera? I’m all over it. I’ve tutored many an elder family member on computers and other electrical equipment. And everyone I know asks me how to find things on the internet.
  • Bizarre sports. I can golf, play badminton, roller skate, ice skate, cut flips on the trampoline and kick your butt in croquet. You can’t even imagine my excitement when I found out badminton is an Olympic sport!
  • Cook. For some unknown reason I can make a kick ass lasagne, and turn any combo of meat and pasta into a decent meal. I’m not a bad baker either. I’ve never really had a recipe fail that I’ve tried. You’d think I’d cook more knowing this huh?
  • Sell. I can sell water to a drowning man. Ice to an Eskimo. People tell me all the time that IKEA should be paying me. Strangers approach me in stores and ask for my help with their shopping. Just last Saturday in Target I helped a lady put together a care package for her nephew who’s being deployed to Iraq. I don’t know her or her nephew from Adam. Hope he likes it!
  • Finally, remember song lyrics and random pop culture. If I could use the space in my brain to cure cancer or split atoms instead of being able to sing every word to It Takes Two by Rob Base, well, then can’t we all agree the world would be a better place?

Happy Blogday

Happy Blogday!

Yesterday (the 20th) was my blog’s 3rd birthday. Amazing how these last 3 years have flown by, yet so much has happened. I went back and read my August of 2001 posts. They made me a little misty. Here’s a reason why:

Monday, August 20, 2001 Yay! I’m so excited to be starting this blog. I know I’ll be able to stick to journaling now, esp in this format. I’ll have to start in the morning though. Time to go visit Melissa and meet Davis!

Since then, Davis has turned into an adorable 3 year old. But Melissa hasn’t been there to see it since she passed away June 14, 2002. I also spent a lot of August 2001 blogging about getting pregnant and how I could time it just right blah blah blah. Well, we all know how that’s turned out.

BUT, since then some amazing things have happened as well. Jon and I moved into our fabulous home, we adopted the most adorable pugs ever, we’ve grown even closer and are more in love than ever, we discovered IKEA, we’ve gone on some fun trips, our cute as can be nephew Jake was born, and we’ve made some wonderful friends that I just could not live without now. I’m a firm believer in the whole “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” idea, and I’m not dead yet. So I’m looking forward to the next few years. I know they are full of possibility and hope. And I’ll be able to continue to share everything with my dear bloggy friends!

So 13

So 13

I just finished watching 13 Going On 30. So cute. And so appropriate since I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I’m a 13 yr old trapped in a 30 yr old’s body. Maybe it appealed to me because she was 13 in the 80’s like I was. I was looking on the official site trying to find a photo from the movie (I’ll explain that in a minute) and they have the M.A.S.H. game on there. Remember that game? I plugged in some boys names and colors etc. just for fun and you’ll never believe what it spit out!!

You are destined to live in a Mansion in SC.

You will marry Jon and raise 3 kids.

You will work as an artist and drive a pink RAV4.

Holy smokes. The pink things are what I plugged in. I do live in SC, not in a mansion, but my friend Lisa calls it a mansion. I married Jon, 3 is my lucky number (born and married on the 3rd day of the month) and since we’re adopting I can pick the number of kids to have, I do drive a RAV4, albeit silver- not pink, and if it were up to me I’d make money as an artist instead of just dabbling in all my arty crafts. Spooky. Go try it out!

So anyway, the reason I went to the site in the first place. There’s a scene in the movie where everyone breaks out into a synchronized dance to Thriller by Michael Jackson, just like they dance in the video. I know this may sound silly, but I’ve always wanted a dance. One that at any given party me and my friends can just bust out with it. The Electric Slide doesn’t count- everyone knows it and it’s not cool to do outside of a wedding. But have you ever been somewhere and a couple of people just break out into dancing in synch? A couple of girls did it at my wedding to The Devil Went Down to Georgia. So jealous. I don’t have much rhythm but I’m a quick learner if anyone wants to be my choreographer!

I recently took Jon on a little tour of the tiny…

I recently took Jon on a little tour of the tiny town where I grew up. One of the funniest things we saw was this store. We loved the name of it…Tha Store. Not The Store. Tha. Love it! Oh, and behind Tha Store is a fenced in area with a horse and a goat. A mini goat- I’m dying for one. I think he’d be a great help keeping the lawn under control. Speaking of livestock, while driving down one of the country roads we saw a fenced in area with lots of cows and deer. I thought it was amazing those deer weren’t scared of the cows, just grazing along next to them, in the middle of the day! You usually see deer at dusk, but not at 2pm! As we got closer I pointed out the amazing deer and asked could he believe such a sight. He said “Yeah, because those aren’t deer, they’re goats!” I thought they were just teeny dear, and I grew up in the country. So ashamed.

We saw my old house, and school, and playground. My old school used to hold K-12 in one school when I attended, now there is an elementary, primary, middle, and high school. I felt so old telling the story…”back in my day we didn’t have these newfangled schools….” Posted by Hello