It’s a Boy!!

Jacob Charles

born 5:25 am March 30, 2003

7 lbs 3 oz

20 inches long

Cutest boy ever!

Mom (Sara), Dad (Marc), and baby are doing great! Sara had a quick labor (just over 3 hours from the time they got to the hospital to the time he was born). Here’s Sara & my Mom just after Jake was born:

Here’s Dad & Jake:

And now for the story: None of us ever went to bed Saturday night. J & I stayed up way later than normal -1:30am (which was good or I otherwise may not have heard the phone). As we were going to bed I mentioned how I was looking forward to sleeping late on Sunday and J said “Ooh, you jinxed it. Sara will be calling shortly.” And sure enough, 20 minutes later the phone rang. It was Marc, “It’s baby time. Call your Mom. We’re on our way to the hospital.”

We were all there just hanging out for less than an hour when Sara knew it was time to get started. Marc was in charge of the video camera and Mom and I each held a hand & a leg while Sara pushed. It was easily the most amazing thing I’ve ever been a part of. First he crowned, then his whole head came out (that was a little alien-ish), then he was totally out and the doctor was holding him up exclaiming “It’s a boy!”. Everyone cheered! That cemented it for me that it was totally worth it to wait to find out the sex. What a great surprise!

He’s just so small and soft and sweet and all the wonderful things that babies are. He makes the sweetest little cooing, purring sounds and you could just eat him up. And he loves his Aunt Shanny:

Not weird, adorably quirky and unique

At least, that’s what I like to tell myself. Christy inspired me to share reasons why I’m a little, well, weird.

I have to sleep with the open end of my pillowcase turned toward the outside of the bed.

While browsing in a new store, I have to go up every aisle, in order. No crisscrossing.

Metal scraping paper is worse than nails on a chalkboard to me.

It drives me nuts if J throws out any mail before I see it.

I must have at least 1 tube of lip balm with me at all times.

*oh, and still no baby. But Sara’s had a couple of contractions so it should happen anytime now!

Still no baby

I’m sure she’ll go into labor while I’m in a meeting or at the very least in the middle of the night. šŸ™‚

Spent the last couple of days (after the funeral) catching up on errands. Picked up a couple of things for the Summer Vacation Swap, planned what I’m doing for the Spring Craft Swap, put some things up on Ebay, and mailed some things sold on Ebay.

And then, can you believe it, spent even more time dealing with my mother’s move. J & I went over yesterday afternoon and there was still a bunch of stuff in her old house! So we spent 3 more hours packing and loading and cleaning. I told her that there was absolutely no reason why she should ever move again. And if she does, she’s hiring movers. I’ve never met someone with so. much. stuff. It’s just her and Morgan in that house! And between them they had enough stuff to fill 2 PODS, 2 Uhauls, and countless trips in cars & my suv. Ay yi yi. Makes us wish it would take a few months for our house to sell so we can recover!

Oh, and while out and about I stopped into Target and was very impressed. My store has gone through a reset and they’ve expanded their stationary line. I loooove stationary. I have a huge box full of lovely note cards, paper, and accessories that I almost love too much to use. I know, I’m sick. I’m like that about Sharpies too. Anyway, Target has this whole cool line of thank you notes, monogrammed notes, and regular stationary in great colors and kicky patterns. It was all I could do (really, it was) not to buy most everything I saw. I was a good girl though, and just picked up my prescription & the things on my list. I may have to sneak back soon though! =)

He went to heaven a millionaire

Ray Brady died Monday evening. He was a close family friend. I’ve written about him here before. He was only 50. He had what he thought was the flu back in August, but in fact it was a brain tumor. God, I hate cancer. It has now taken two friends in less than a year. The doctors did all they could and Ray fought, boy did he fight. His body just couldn’t take anymore. He went through multiple surgeries, even a partial lobotomy, chemo, drugs of all sorts. We just returned from the funeral. He was such a good guy who dealt with so much. Polio as a child, a withered left arm as a result, and then cancer. He was always so positive and fun. He will surely be missed. One of the speakers today said something that really touched me. That if your life is measured by the good you do and not years, then Ray died an old, old man. And that if riches were measured by the goodness in your heart then Ray certainly went to heaven as a millionaire.


No baby yet. Sara thought for sure that she’d deliver this weekend, so she’s getting really antsy. Should be very soon though.

I feel like I’ve been attacked and beaten by millions of tiny madmen. Here’s why: Saturday J and I spent literally all day (well, most of it- from 1-7) in the wooded back part of my Mom’s yard disassembling my youngest sister’s 2 story tree house/swing/jungle gym/slide. By hand. Using the ratchet set was fun- at first.

Then yesterday we moved my Mom and Morgan into their new house.

Picture it: 2 trips in the large Uhaul. AND 2 PODS full of stuff. And there’s still more in the house. Mom was warned that she’s never allowed to move again. I’ve never known 2 little women with so much stuff! And you know how it is, you never know much you have until you box it up and move it. So this morning I’m just beat. We didn’t get home last night until after 8pm. And we caught as much of the Oscars that we could stay awake for.

Oh, and our house is generating some interest (yay!) We had our first showing on Saturday, and we may have another one today. Plus, people are really taking the info sheets now (that are by the for sale sign). I wish that we could have potential buyers fill out a survey at the end of their showing so we know how it went (How did you like the house? What did you not like? etc). The people that saw our house Saturday obviously weren’t House Hunter fans because they didn’t sit right down to write an offer. Oh well, maybe next time we’ll have HGTV watchers!

Insert clever title here

Last night I attended my youngest sister Morgan’s orchestra recital. Those kids are so cute, and very talented! She’s playing the bass this year so she was in the back. I couldn’t get a good shot of her, but you can kind of make out her head in this picture, behind the cellists. The kids give their orchestra teacher flowers at every concert. So sweet.

Today we took Nelson to the vet. Here are some pictures from the visit. Poor thing, he gets so nervous.

We watched some of the live feed from Iraq. Shock and awe. No kidding. I’ve only seen explosions like that in movies. I know they say the missiles are very precise, but come on, you know that people are losing their homes (lives) from the blasts.

No news yet on the baby front. Sara’s still hanging in there, but she’s sure ready to have this baby. In house selling news we’ve got a showing tomorrow! I’m so excited. I know once people see this house they’ll fall in love with it. And I promise, pictures are coming soon.

Good God, Y’all

I’ve never been too political in my blog, nor has it really been a place where I’ve discussed what’s going on in the news. This is my personal journal, just in electronic form. So I don’t want to start a political debate here or anything, but I would like to say a few things as it seems silly on a day like today to talk about the trivial things that are occurring in my life. It’s just such a strange time. We’re at war overseas and at home we’re awaiting the birth of a child.

I heard Senator John McCain on the radio this morning and he said something that made a lot of sense to me. I’m paraphrasing here, but what he said went something like this: “The time for debate is over. Now we must support our troops..” I wholeheartedly agree. I come from a family with many military veterans (both grandfathers, my father -yes, Disco Stew wore a uniform!-, uncles, etc.). My grandmother is an Irish immigrant who just recently became a citizen and who has instilled in me a sense of patriotism that runs extremely deep. Still, I’m saddened that it’s come to this. That we’re likely killing many innocent people for the crimes of their leader. I can’t imagine if my city was bombed and friends and family killed because of the actions of my president. But like Sen. McCain said, there’s no sense in debating this issue now. Now I’ll just be saying a prayer each day for the Iraqi people, especially the children, and for our troops to come home safely. And hopefully, if we’re ever blessed with children, they won’t have to see war in their lifetime.