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It’s the beginning of a new month and that means a new wallpaper for my laptop.  I love Smashing Magazine‘s monthly wallpapers.  Free!  And I like the little calendars.  I chose this one for June.  Looks like a fruity party!

Today is also Papa & Gigi’s wedding anniversary!  Happy wedding birthday!

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March Hare

It’s that time again.  The first of the month brings new free wallpapers at Smashing Magazine.  I had a hard time deciding between this one:  and March Hare:  .  I chose March Hare because I couldn’t pass up the Alice in Wonderland nod mixed with shamrocks.

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Smash your desktop

I love to change out my desktop wallpaper each month so I was really psyched when Jenny (of LJC fame) first linked to Smashing Magazine.  Every month they publish a ton of fabulous free desktop wallpapers with and without calendars.  Lots of different artists submit designs so there’s a style for everyone.  Click here to see this month’s offerings.   For February I chose  February Fever.   I like having a calendar on the desktop that I can glance at without having to pull up iCal all the time.  I think it’s smashing!  herrr!