Everything’s better with bacon

Even chocolate.  CSP’s mom gave us a Mo’s Bacon Bar as a Valentine’s Day treat.  I’ve been wanting to try one forever.  CSP was skeered but I tried it and it was so yummy!  And I’m not a major chocolate person so that ought to tell you something.  It is a great combo of sweet and savory.  A very fun treat!

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Pugs & Kisses!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Tell everyone you love that you love them!  These are the Valentines I made on See Here for 18 cents each that came with 2 day shipping!  I used our red hearts blanket from IKEA as a backdrop on the sofa.  CSP gave treats while I snapped a bunch of pics.  I’m really pleased with how they turned out!  Happy hearts day to you all! xoxo


Pug love is in the air

This is Kiki & Zoe cuddling on CSP’s lap.  This is monumental.  Zoe is Molly’s pet and you will often find them cuddling.  For the most part Kiki doesn’t have much to do with Zoe.  The only contact they would have would be when Kiki would try and hump Zoe and Zoe would fall over in confusion with a look on her face that clearly said “Hello!  We’re both girls!”  We’ve even had to break up a few fights between the two.  But over the last few months there’s been a change.  We’ve caught them playing a few times.  And now this!  It seems even pugs are not immune to feeling the Valentine love!


Love getting something for nothing!

So, you know those Valentine’s I told you about for 10 cents each?  Well, while CSP helped me wrangle the pugs (green beans for treats helped!) we had a little Valentine’s photo shoot.  Then I chose the best shot, uploaded it to See Here and ordered my free cards.  I chose the 2 day shipping for like $6 I think because I wanted to make sure that they get here in time so I can get them out in time (we have 2 relatives in Minnesota so I need a good 5 days).  $6 for 25 photo cards isn’t bad if you ask me!  Well, they shipped them that night!  I started my shopping at Ebates like I usually do, even though I knew I was getting the cards for free so I didn’t expect any money back.  Imagine my delight though when I found out that See Here deposited $1.47 into my account at Ebates!  Woot!  So now my cards were only $4.50!  Nice!

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I heart a good deal- Valentines for 10 cents!

Saw this deal on my Couponing to Disney email.  Went to the original blog and checked it out.  SUPER CUTE.  Then had a Valentine photo session of my own with the pugs.  They don’t have fists and we don’t send candy out with our Valentines but I think ours turned out just as cute.  And since they are FREE they are even cuter!  Sorry, but I can’t show our cards until Valentine’s Day.  I don’t think CSP’s Gramy in Minnesota has the internet, but just in case, I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

The details:

  • Click Here & Login or Sign-up for See Here
  • Click on “Photo Cards” then on “Photo Card, 4×8″
  • Pick Your Design (I found one under “Wedding” to customize)
  • Create your card & order 25 cards
  • Use promo code 25cards to get your order FREE
  • Just pay $2.49 in shipping!

See Here participates with Ebates so if you buy anything else, be sure to start your shopping at Ebates to get 12% back!  You can’t beat this deal! If you create some, lemme see them!