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Momo is 21!!! Part 1 of the celebration extravaganza

I can’t believe she is all grown up!   She is a junior at USC (University of South Carolina) so she celebrated her 21st birthday with her friends in Columbia on Friday night then came home to celebrate with us Saturday night.   We all met up at Courtyard by Marriott City Center.  By we I mean me, Christina, Sara, Gigi, Morgan/Momo & Ian (Momo’s roommate).  We went up to the room and Momo opened her presents then we all miraculously piled into Christina’s car to go to dinner.  I chose BlackFinn for dinner because I wanted a restaurant in the same building as our next stop as well as a varied and affordable menu.  We were seated right away and our waiter was just great.  I love a waiter with a good personality!  Dinner was really fun and yummy. (click to enlarge pics) We all tasted each other’s meals and agreed everything was really good.  Quite a few of us chose flatbread pizzas (I got the blackened chicken version and we all agreed that Christina’s margherita pizza was the best.  Super fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. 

During dinner it occurred to me that Christina had never seen Morgan’s tongue tricks.  Momo has a freakishly long tongue and she can do a variety of sideshow tricks with it!  She had just started demonstrating when our waiter came back to the table.  He jumped about 3 feet when she rolled that thing out!  Christina snapped a couple of pics on her phone:  She can even lick her elbow!  Go ahead and try it, you can’t!  Eric the waiter reappeared a few minutes later with the restaurant manager in tow.  Eric had run to get him when he saw Momo’s tongue!  She had to put on a repeat performance.  I told Eric as soon as we were seated that it was  Momo’s 21st birthday and as a prize he brought out a birthday cake shot.  Then once dinner was over he brought us a huge, delicious brownie sundae for us all to share!  The manager even brought out a big stack of VIP passes to area bars.   Who knew a circus tongue could get you so many perks?!?  It was a really fun start to a REALLY fun night!